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Credit Repair Cloud is awesome. It pays for itself, and helps us close far more loans.”

Eric Torres

Mortgage Originator

As a mortgage broker, getting your clients the mortgage loan they want with the best interest rate is your top priority. However, many clients who walk into your office will not qualify for a loan due to credit issues.

When you help your clients repair their credit and help them buy a new home, you will profit by closing more loans.

Whether you already help your clients with their credit issues -- or you are just starting to add this service -- read on to learn how an efficient credit repair system can help you prosper as a mortgage broker.


Sacramento, CA

A bad credit score can negatively impact a person's ability to obtain a decent mortgage. I am a mortgage broker and I help my clients with Credit Repair Cloud. It's simple to use and effective. Thank you for a wonderful and reasonably priced product!

Increase your income

Credit scores are integral to your clients getting the best loan. Getting them the best loan gives you a competitive advantage. Help them repair their credit and you increase your closure rates and profit.

Retain mortgage clients

As you work with your clients to increase their credit score, you keep in frequent contact with them and prove your work ethic. When clients are satisfied they retain your services and are more likely to come to you in the future for refinancing options.

Get more referrals

By going the extra mile and helping your clients repair their credit, they are more likely to refer you to friends and family. Have a referral program in place and ask your clients for a testimonial.

Your mortgage loan clients can benefit from credit repair:

Percentage of credits reports that have errors


Average debt on credit report


Percent of population with credit scores below 700


Percent of home buyers getting a mortgage for their home purchase


Don’t let your clients be chained to their credit score --
give them hope, knowledge, and tools to better their lives

Many Americans dream of owning their own home, but are held back by credit issues. Often, individuals don’t understand the credit system and feel stuck with their credit score.

Teach healthier financial habits, repair their credit, and get them into their dream home.


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Increase your income

As a mortgage broker, your revenue is directly linked to the amount of a client’s loan and your ability to close the loan. When your clients are able to qualify for higher loans with better interest rates, your profit will increase. Don’t let your clients walk away altogether, go to a competitor, or settle on a less-than-ideal loan.

Remove unnecessary processes

If you are already working with your clients to repair their credit - and many mortgage brokers are - then you understand the importance of having an organized method.

Credit Repair Cloud’s software makes it easy and quick to repair credit for your mortgage loan clients.

Retain mortgage clients

Current or potential clients may walk away after they realize that their credit score isn’t what it needs to be for the home loan they want. Can credit repair help you to keep these clients and still get them a home loan down the road? Absolutely.

During the credit repair process you are in frequent contact with your clients. Not only does this keep you and their dream of a future home fresh in their minds, you prove to them your work ethic. As they see results from credit repair, clients will trust you and commit to using you as their broker.

Get more referrals

Credit repair not only earns you a loyal client and maximizes your profit, it helps to generate referrals. Clients will refer their friends and family to you for loan services. Referrals and testimonials that generate new mortgage leads make your time spent on credit repair worthwhile.

Why use Credit Repair Cloud’s software?

Whether you are already using credit repair to help your clients or you are wanting to add it to your broker toolbelt, you need an efficient system to make the process quick and minimize the time you spend.

Our software streamlines your credit repair work for you:

  • Generate dispute letters with a few clicks
  • Import and analyze credit reports in seconds
  • Gives clients a Credit Audit in 1-click
  • Highlights improvement areas on client’s credit report
  • Auto-fills documents with client information

Imagine closing more loans

Many mortgage brokers offer credit repair to their clients as a free service. When there is no exchange of money, the service is not considered a business interaction. The benefits of offering credit repair free of charge far outweigh the time it takes, particularly when you have the right tools and software.

Remember to research your state’s specific laws regarding mortgage brokers and credit repair. In some states, you may need (for legal reasons) to hand off your client’s credit repair to a friend or family member who is interested in running a credit repair business. Once their credit is repaired, your family or friends can send them back to you for their home loan.

How to get trained as a credit repair specialist:

  1. Sign Up for a FREE Credit Repair Training Webinar to learn the ins and outs of credit repair
  2. Sign Up for Credit Repair Cloud to keep track of clients and streamline repairing credit for your mortgage clients
  3. Use credit repair to help more clients and close more mortgage loans

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