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The Most Important Page on your Site!

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: September 8, 2023

most important page

So you have a website and you are confident that you have every necessary page on it; you have a contact us page, an affiliate signup page, and maybe even an FAQ page. Those are some GREAT things to have on your website but there is one page that will not only help your clients, but will also help you rank better on search engines.*

The page that I am speaking of is your “article” page. At Credit Repair Cloud, we call this the “knowledge base”. Without this page, we would most likely receive 10x the amount of emails and phone calls than what we currently receive. It wouldn’t be inconvenient to us to get all those emails, however, it would be more inconvenient to our clients to have to reach out to us. If we provided the answer to their question in our Knowledge Base, our client wouldn’t have to go out of their way to reach out to us and then wait anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to receive a reply.

An article page is a great way to show that you care for your clients, which will prove that you have great customer service. This page can have all sorts of articles ranging from “why is a good score important” to “help! I got a letter from the IRS”.

It is important that you not only write articles that your clients will benefit from, but also articles that anyone will benefit from. Providing value is one of the most important job tasks that so many businesses don’t care about. If someone researches something on Google and they end up reading your article, there is a high chance that they will browse your website and other articles, they will see that you provide value and may even become your next client!

So here is a simple equation: Articles (Providing Value)+ Trust (and appreciation) = New client and happy current customers.

*It is not a guarantee that you will get on the first page of search engines, but search engines like to see an active website.


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Written by Michael Rochin
CRC Expert, Problem Solver
& Happiness Maker


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