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Credit Repair Changes People's Lives

By: Daniel Rosen September 12, 2019

Have you ever heard someone tell a story that gave you the chills? A story so deeply moving that you feel equal parts speechless and empowered?

At the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, speaker after speaker made us feel this tingling resonance.

Devon Brown credit repair business host

2019 Credit Repair Expo host Devon Brown on stage in Orlando, Florida.

From Derrick Harper discussing how his credit repair business helped him heal from the broken home he grew up in to Seth Mitchell discussing how the adversity he’s faced in life fueled his desire to help others –– everyone at the Credit Repair Expo left the event feeling inspired.

The reason that so many credit heroes have inspirational stories is that credit repair changes lives. This is true for credit repair clients and credit repair specialists.

Watch a recap of Credit Repair Expo 2019:

Credit Repair Changes Gives People a Second Chance

Credit Repair Cloud Founder and CEO Daniel Rosen speaks to the crowd at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Those in this world who haven’t faced extreme adversity or hardship are few and far between. When hardships lead to financial strain, the snowball effect begins.

Let’s say an unexpected emergency popped up in your client’s lives, and as a result, they were unable to pay their credit card bill. Did you know that just one 30-day delinquency on a payment could drop their FICO score by 110 points? That drop is the difference between Good credit and Fair credit, or Fair credit and Very Poor credit.

These changes also translate into added expenses for your clients like:

  • Inability to qualify for a home loan
  • Difficulty to qualify for affordable car loans
  • Higher interest rates on credit cards
  • Added expenses for monthly utilities

Getting out of this cycle isn’t easy. As everything becomes more expensive for your clients, stretching the monthly paycheck also becomes more difficult, adding to the financial strain and contributing to even more debt.

As a credit hero, you’re able to give your clients a second chance. By leveraging hardships letters, filing dispute letters, and submitting goodwill letters, you can reduce the dues your clients owe, and help them make a plan to get their finances back on track. You help clients reclaim their lives.

Credit Repair Changes Your Life, Too

Knowing you have the potential to play such an impactful, heroic role in your clients’ lives is extremely powerful. This is especially true for credit repair specialists who have once been in the same place as the clients they serve. Knowing firsthand what’s it's like to deal with financial difficulty makes it more rewarding to help pull others out of their darkest nights.

Credit repair hero Aaron Clarke is a great example of this. After suffering from a 474 credit score, insurmountable debt, and homelessness, he decided enough was enough. Aaron pulled himself out of debt by studying credit law, loopholes within the credit reporting industries, and how the credit reporting agencies work inside and out. Then, he started his own credit repair business to help others in a similar position. Now, Aaron earns millions of dollars each year by providing the same service he desperately needed. And, that’s a rewarding feeling for him.

Watch Aaron discuss how credit repair changed his life:

Aaron’s profession changed his financial life and allowed him to devote his life to a profession built on valuable purpose. His passion for credit repair motivates him to get up in the morning and continue to help as many members of his community as possible.

Selfless Work Doesn’t Mean Penniless Work

Mission-based work doesn’t have to be profitless. Changing lives can also add to your bottom line.

At the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, we welcomed 25 new credit repair specialists in the Millionaires Club. Obtaining the millionaire status isn’t an anomaly. It’s a product of a well-documented and repeatable process that dozens of members of the Credit Repair Cloud community have replicated.

Specifically, Credit Repair Cloud’s Millionaires Club inductees have all:

  • Found mentors to help guide them
  • Attended live events like Credit Repair Expo 2019
  • Participated in networking events to meet likeminded people
  • Focused on continued education to stay relevant in the market

But, most importantly, they’ve taken the first step of exploring our free credit repair training to get their credit repair business started.

Are you ready to change lives? Watch our free online training today.

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