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5 Steps to Turning Credit Repair Affiliates Into Active Business Partners

By: Daniel Rosen July 30, 2019

Jose Rodriguez how to start a credit repair businessLearn the 5 essential steps to making affiliates active business partners from credit repair millionaire Jose Rodriguez, pictured here speaking at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo.

Whether you’re just learning how to start a credit repair business or growing an existing one, affiliates are an essential ingredient for your success. Credit Repair Cloud Affiliates refer you clients that can help your business grow, earn more money and help more people.

But it’s not just about what your affiliates can do for you – in order to turn credit repair affiliates into long-term business partners, you have to show them the benefit of sending you those client referrals. Not only will partners receive a generous commission from you for each paid client referred, but it also leads to more qualified buyers for their business.

At the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, Millionaires Club member Jose Rodriguez let credit repair business owners in on his affiliate business growth ideas in his talk “How To Get 100 Affiliates In 6 Months.” Based on that talk, here are 5 tips for finding affiliates, keeping them happy, and cementing your place as the go-to credit repair business owner to collaborate within the community.

1. Meet Affiliates

It all starts with finding great affiliates for your credit repair business. There are so many opportunities to connect with potential partners, you just need to take advantage of them.

In a recent talk at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, Jose Rodriguez of Clean Slate Credit Solutions talks about all the ways you can meet new affiliates:

  • Find them at credit repair events
  • Make in-person introductions at mortgage and real estate offices and car dealerships
  • Make friends with CPAs and tax preparers

Think of every industry or business that provides financing and look there for affiliate partners. These businesses need customers with good credit, and you need people who need credit repair. It’s the start of a beautiful relationship!

Jose also suggests using Facebook to find upcoming events in your area such as open houses where you can go and network.


2. Show Up

Be more than just an email address to your affiliates - stop by the office of your favorite 10 affiliates with donuts once a quarter, for example. Showing up and making personal contact with your affiliates important because:

  • People like to do business with someone they know and like.
  • It keeps you at the top of their mind. That way when it’s time to refer someone for credit repair, who do they think of? You!
  • It’s a great opportunity to answer any questions about your program, the commissions you pay, or credit repair in general.
  • Affiliates can provide feedback on ways to improve the program experience. Your business partners will appreciate being involved

3. Be The Best

Train and develop your skills so you can get results quickly and return clients back to them with healthy credit. The quicker your clients can successfully be approved for loans, the happier your affiliates will be, and the more they’ll want to continue working with you.

Another way you can be awesome to work with is to have great systems in place. For example, Jose uses a scheduling software that makes it easy for affiliates to schedule a call. If you make things easy for lenders, realtors, and other affiliates you work with, they’ll want to keep sending you clients.

4. Talk the Talk

You need to be bold in how you advertise your credit repair services. As Jose puts it, you need “be the mayor of your town” when it comes to credit repair. That means everyone should know about the awesome work you do and the people you help by doing it.

  • Provide potential affiliates with some numbers to show off your results.
  • Offer testimonials from people you’ve helped and share some of their success stories.
  • Let potential partners know your commission rates and how much your average affiliate earns per month.

Remember that you are a credit hero changing people's lives. Don't forget how important your business is, and show your affiliates your results.

5. Give Back

A recent article from Inc. reminds us that affiliate relationships are more than just a transaction. As such, they require mutual support in order to be successful. Treat your affiliates like valued business partners by providing free credit education and literally giving a kickback to affiliate referrers. Running a credit repair company is about giving back and helping the community, after all.

Provide helpful resources to help affiliates, and the community, understand and recommend your services:

  • Offer free credit repair consultations in the community (at a local library, for example)
  • Be a guest speaker at your local police station or fire department
  • Write a blog about financial education and disseminate to local businesses

The idea of building your affiliate network could seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and approach, you can build a great network and be on your way to a more profitable credit repair company and helping more people.

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