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COVID19 and Its Impact on the Credit Repair Industry

By: Daniel Rosen August 10, 2020

**This was sent as an internal newsletter to our Credit Repair Cloud users in August, 2020 and made public thereafter.**

Did you hear that BOOM?... 

That’s the sound of credit repair’s massive demand ramping up like NEVER BEFORE!

Now is the tipping point. If you’re dabbling, it’s time to go all in!

  • Mortgage rates are historically low causing more people to want to purchase or refinance their home.
  • The general public’s stigma of home-based businesses has been replaced by an appreciation like never before - changing the way business is done for the rest of time.
  • Covid19 has shaken the consumer credit world and shows no signs of stopping.

Are you ready?

I hope so, because if you’re not set up for the surge of clients looking for credit repair services - someone else is… so GET. READY.

Corey is talking ALL about Covid19 and The Impact on Consumer Credit in his tip of the month, so I’m gonna pass it over to him for the nitty gritty of what you need to know. 

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Corey's tip of the month:

tip of the month

Covid 19 & The Impact on Consumer Credit 

The need for Credit Heroes has never been more apparent than this very moment in time. Covid 19 has hit the US and global economy like a Mike Tyson knockout punch and its impact isn’t showing any signs of getting better anytime soon. To say there is a demand for professional credit repair services is a massive understatement. People need your help and they need it now!  

But how exactly has Covid affected consumer credit? 

  1. Kids are out of school, so their parents can’t work or pay their bills. 
  2. Businesses cant stay open, so unemployment is soaring and causing a tidal wave of defaulted accounts.
  3. Interest rates are increasing and credit card delinquencies are expected to mimic the great recession.
  4. Auto loan losses are historically high and subprime loans are defaulting at a much faster pace.

While all of this is a recipe for the perfect financial storm, what has the Federal government done to prevent millions of Americans from these threats? 

They responded by dumping trillions of dollars on the problem through a stimulus package. Part of the original package included a 4 month moratorium on credit reporting. It may have helped protect millions of consumers by blocking negative credit while we weathered the storm, but financial lobbyists convinced legislators to remove it from the stimulus bill.  

There were a few protections that made it into the stimulus package that helped provide some relief. Aside from the stimulus payments, home loans which were federally backed could not be foreclosed on for 60 days and could receive 180 day forbearance. If you were granted this you wouldn't have to pay on the loan for 6 months, couldn’t be charged fees, interest or fines and could also request an additional 6 months. Also, renters were granted a 4 month moratorium on being evicted. Other than that, the credit bureaus have “promised” to mark any late payments or delinquencies with a special code that lets lenders know the delinquency was made during a disaster. 

So, when all is said and done - there are going to be a lot of people with a lot of credit problems that need your help! Consumer credit reports and scores will play an important role in the national recovery in the coming years. It is up to you, our Credit Heroes who are on the front lines fighting to fix this mess and get the country back on track.

That’s it for this month’s update.

I can't wait to talk to you again next month! 


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Daniel Rosen

PS: - Don’t forget, keep changing lives!


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