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Millionaires Club Story: Turning Hope Into Results Through Credit Repair Services

By: Daniel Rosen July 02, 2020


Serge Bagdasarov started his professional career selling mortgages many years ago. While his job titles have changed, his love for the industry has held steady over the years. 

“I got to see people's credit reports. I got to see that intimate part of their life where we had to ask them questions to qualify them for refinancing or qualify them for their home purchase. I loved it,” Serge explained about his first professional job, before becoming a credit repair specialist. 

His passion for working with people and helping them qualify for homes paid off, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become a marketing director in the mortgage vertical. 

Unfortunately, Serge's passion for helping clients in the mortgage business was met with extreme hardship amidst what would have been a joyous stage in his life.

In 2008, right as Serge purchased a new home and welcomed a new son into the world, the mortgage industry collapsed. Around the same time, Serge also battled — and won — third-stage brain cancer.

After overcoming his grief, he came out on the other side with a new lease on life. Serge set the new priority of owning a business so he could spend more time with his family and help others in need.  

Drawing from his expertise in the mortgage industry Serge saw an opportunity to start a credit repair business to accomplish his dreams and help others. 

The Impetus 

While Serge was working in the mortgage business, he realized many clients were stunted by bad credit. Worse, they were unable to find resources to help them improve their scores, let alone get approved for a mortgage loan.

On several occasions, Serge tried to find resources on his clients’ behalf but it was more complicated than he initially thought. “I could smell a scam from a mile away," said Serge. And there were many.

Serge recalled credit “specialists” giving suspicious advice and information to his clients, such as not paying collections, even if the debt was verified. “I knew those collections weren’t going to go anywhere," said Serge.

Remembering these instances is what gave Serge the idea to start LSI Credit Solutions. Serge wanted to ensure that every client or prospect who walked through his doors would get exceptional, actionable advice that would help smooth their financial woes. 

The Problem

Soon, and as entrepreneurs can attest to, Serge discovered starting a new business also came with growing pains. For him, learning how to scale his business was a difficult concept. 

“We would spend hours working in Excel spreadsheets, sorting through papers, notes, and documents, and chasing people around for information,” says Serge. 

The amount of time Serge and his team spent inundated with admin work hindered them from growing their business and helping more clients. 

LSI was stuck in a perpetual cycle of staying afloat and maintaining their existing workload with no way to grow the business. Serge and his team knew they needed to make a change.

The Solution

When Serge discovered Credit Repair Cloud, he said it changed everything. 

“Before Credit Repair Cloud, my work life was a big mess.” - Serge Bagdasarov

The capabilities of Credit Repair Cloud allowed LSI Credit Solutions to do more in the same amount of time, which helped LSO scale faster. 

“We get to save not hours, but days, months, and years of work with Credit Repair Cloud.” - Serge Bagdasarov

The improvements to their business model have increased productivity and organization. It has also changed the way their clients perceive them. Serge says, “Clients have taken notice of how much more efficient our process is.”

Not only has Credit Repair Cloud given LSI Credit Solution tools to improve their output, but Serge has learned a wealth of knowledge from the educational videos and information accessible to credit repair professionals through Credit Repair Cloud’s Masterclass

“You watch Credit Repair Cloud’s educational videos over and over and [continue to] learn,” says Serge.

The Results

Serge group shot reduced-2

The tools that Credit Repair Cloud allowed LSI has created the opportunity for Serge and his team to make a meaningful impact on their community. Serge told us about a family of eight, who came to LSI for help. 

The family was unable to obtain better accommodations because they had a bankruptcy, credit card, and medical debt impacting their credit profile. 

The family was told by creditors that it would take at least 10 years before they would be able to purchase a home. Serge says, “The couple was just devastated. When they came to us, they had no faith. They were the biggest skeptics.”

Luckily, with the help of Credit Repair Cloud, not only was the family able to rebuild their credit in less than 90 business days, but they were also qualified for a loan that helped them build a new home.

“If you have ever been skiing, when you are flying down that slope, it feels like you have wings growing out of your back. That's how this family’s story made me feel,” says Serge.

To Serge, that’s what it means to be a credit hero. 

“Being a Credit Hero means that I can be a part of your life. I can be trusted to be a part of your life, and impact your life during even the hardest times.” - Serge Bagdasarov

Today, Serge and his team continue to grow their business through new marketing techniques and referrals. LSI receives around 100 calls from folks in their community who need help each month, and every day their work continues to positively affect their client’s lives. 

Keep up the great work, Serge! We applaud you and welcome to the Millionaire’s Club.

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