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Why 2020 Is Your Year for Credit Repair Business Success

By: Daniel Rosen February 13, 2020

blazer-2590798_1920As the new year begins, there’s not a better time to form new habits. If you’re a credit repair business owner or considering starting your own credit repair business, there are a lot of things you can do to win in the new year. These include improving your leadership skills, learning about new software and tools that can help your business and reflecting on what you’d like to accomplish in the next year.

Starting the New Year Right

Set your intentions for the new year by defining why a credit repair business is important to you. Your company can not only set you up financially but help others with their financial and life goals.

AaronClarke-1Take the story of Philadelphia-native Aaron Clarke, who went from homelessness to a million-dollar business owner in less than two years. A few years ago, Aaron had a challenging time adjusting to civilian life after military service in the Army National Guard and made a series of decisions that wrecked his credit. He even had his car repossessed.

Aaron needed to make some important life changes and started by fixing his credit. After he successfully turned his credit score around, his life got much better and he felt he could make a difference in other people’s lives by helping them repair their credit scores. 

Aaron started Philly Credit Mechanic, which has helped hundreds of clients increase credit scores from 75 to 200 points in a matter of months. Now Aaron is in his late 20s and a millionaire. 

You can start the year off right by channeling Aaron’s energy and that of other credit repair millionaires who have found a vital way to help people in their communities.

Setting Your Credit Repair Business Up For Success

After getting your head in the right space, you need to get your credit repair business in shape for success.

If you’re just getting started, or want to get better in the credit repair industry, get training! Learn the basics of credit repair for individuals and businesses and deep-dive into the processes and techniques that can automate your tasks, and grow your business. We recommend doing this by:

Taking the credit repair business essentials training course to give yourself background on credit system information, such as:

  • How a FICO credit score can range
  • How to remove a false item
  • How often successful credit repair companies dispute items

Investing in credit repair business software that can grow your credit repair business and help you do the following on behalf of your clients:

  • Import and analyze credit reports
  • Generate dispute letters
  • Run credit audits 

Getting software certified is free and will help you:

  • Build your reputation
  • Master the tools that can help scale your business

Even if you are working at home while getting your credit repair business started, that’s totally fine. Many successful credit repair entrepreneurs work from home and set rules on how to do it successfully, so you can too. 

Start the new year off with a 30-day free trial with Credit Repair Cloud if you want to test the waters without fully committing.

Make Your Dreams a Reality

This past year, you likely accomplished both big and small milestones. Even if you only moved the needle slightly in the right direction, it’s good to remember that when tackling large challenges, it's OK to start small and watch growth happen as you continue to put incremental time, money and effort into your vision.

Sandra Ruiz, CEO of California-based Get Good Credit, and a member of the credit repair Millionaires Club, is a prime example of steady growth that has led to her company booming. She has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, and also has clients across the country.


Before founding her own start-up credit repair business, Sandra was a mortgage loan officer. She became interested in helping her clients fix their credit in order to help them get better loans. Her work inspired her to fix her own credit score and then eventually setting up a business to help other people with their credit.

“All of our clients are so grateful after we help them because not only do we work on removing what’s hurting their credit but we teach them to have good habits to rebuild their credit,” Sandra said in an interview last year. “They are grateful because they are able to buy a house or a car or get credit cards again.”

It started small, including helping some people repair their credit for free to boost her reputation. Sandra has now helped thousands of people and made her dream a reality in part by using Credit Repair Cloud’s software and services.

This year, challenge yourself to make one small step toward business growth every day.

Build It Now

Don’t wait to get started on building or expanding your credit repair business. With tools, credit repair software, and guidance from Credit Repair Cloud, you can do more and make 2020 the best year you’ve ever had personally and professionally.

Start the new year right by setting goals and learning how to improve your credit repair business with our free live web training today!

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