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Why Credit Repair Business Leader Ira Curry Says Having Fun Brings Success

By: Keenan Jones November 12, 2019

Starting a credit repair business is one way to break out of the mundane 9-5 lifestyle. As an entrepreneur running your own company, you have the flexibility to build the business of your dreams - a business that you're passionate about.

How credit repair software builds a successful business Ira Curry

Credit repair business owner and industry leader Ira Curry talks to the crowd at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo. (Photo / Nichole Bensel)

You can learn from the expertise and experience of established credit heroes to help jumpstart your credit repair business leads and skyrocket your success. To do this, look to credit heroes like Ira Curry, who shares his advice for setting your business up for success.

1. Develop a Millionaire Mindset

Building a successful credit repair business begins with your mindset. As Ira was learning to generate credit repair leads, he looked at success stories from business leaders like Oprah Winfrey for guidance. He wrote down the qualities and habits of successful millionaires. Then he resolved to begin thinking and acting like them.

Through this exercise, Ira developed a clear picture of the millionaire mindset:

  • Take action to make things happen: Once he decided to start a credit repair business, Ira quit his job and resolved to “figure it out” along the way. Failure was not an option, nor was giving up.
  • Our thoughts create our reality: A positive attitude attracts positive people and experiences and is key to building your dream life.
  • Take responsibility for your actions: There’s no time for victim thinking. If your business is not successful, consider what you can do to change it.

2. Build a Great Team

Expanding your credit repair business lets you serve your community by helping people improve their credit and get out of debt. However, you can’t build a million-dollar business all by yourself. The more help you have, the faster you can grow your business and help more people.

Relinquish control and share responsibilities to grow your business faster. Delegating the ongoing pieces of your business such as sales, operations and accounting lets you concentrate on finding credit repair leads and creating more business opportunities.

Here are Ira’s tips for building a great team:

  • Share your passion: While passing on your practical skills and knowledge, pass on your passion as well. An excited team will help you generate more credit repair leads.
  • Consider creative benefits: Focus on your team to keep them happy and excited about what they do. Examples of creative benefits might include letting employees bring their child to work or presenting an alternative to a 401(k).
  • Build a culture of learning: Every mistake is the opportunity to learn a lesson. Instill the “lesson-learning” mentality in your employees and make it ok to make mistakes.
  • Be a clear communicator: Use specific communication to set clear intentions and expectations for your employees.

3. Provide Exceptional Value for Your Customers

How to start a credit repair business with Ira Curry

Credit repair business owner and leader Ira Curry says that it's important to enjoy your work – and let clients know that you do! (Photo / Nichole Bensel)

Show clients that you’re passionate about helping them repair their finances and get out of debt. Show them you mean business and they will take you seriously. Remember, your attitude is contagious.

Here are some simple ways you can provide exceptional value to your credit repair clients:

  • Share your excitement: Show clients that you are pumped about credit repair. Your passion is the first step to getting clients excited and hopeful about making positive changes in their life.
  • Make the process as easy for the client as possible: Read on to find out about systems to help you do that.
  • Work with affiliates: By partnering with businesses like car dealerships, you are helping clients purchase a vehicle, while also helping businesses qualify more leads
  • Offer additional services: Tack on additional services like business credit so that your customers can leverage your services even after you've helped them with personal credit.

4. Create Systems and Automate Wherever You Can

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money,” and it’s true when it comes to starting and building your credit repair business. Credit Repair Cloud's credit repair software includes proven workflows, systems and templates to help you grow your business more quickly and easily.

Ira suggests not only using the valuable resources and training provided by Credit Repair Cloud, but also going beyond them to find your own time-saving tools. The more you can automate your credit repair business, the more time you’ll have to work on growing it into a million-dollar company.

In addition to developing a credit hero mentality, Ira shares some practical tips for being the best credit repair business owner you can be:

  • Make it easy for clients to book a consultation using scheduling software such as Calendly. You’ll not only show clients you’re serious about credit repair, but your scheduling link is shareable to other potential new clients.
  • Remind the customer to pull their credit report before the call with an integration like Zapier.
  • Use an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp to help automate customer communication. These tools let you save time by creating personalized follow-up messages, welcome letters, and requests for review and feedback.

These lessons can change your life - and your business - for the better. Ira cites these attitudes and processes as the key to making your dreams a reality, becoming a leader, and taking your credit repair business to the top.

Read more success stories from credit repair heroes who’ve built their dream life helping people, then start building your dream life with free credit repair business training:

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