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Why is PrivacyGuard Redirecting me to other sites?

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: September 19, 2023

Why Privacy Guard

I will try to break this to you gently because this news may be crushing if you’re in a vulnerable state.

No, they don’t love you and no they don’t want your business.

Are they insane? Look at me, I’m awesome! 

First of all, before you read any further, please remember that we make credit repair software.  We don’t make credit reports and we have no affiliation with any credit report providers.

That being said, here’s the scoop:

Privacy Guard has awesome reports, but it’s very important to have your clients sign up for themselves (at their own home). You cannot fool them. 

Consumer Credit Report providers will not allow you to order reports for your clients and if you try to order multiple reports from the same IP address (or with the same credit card)  they will start to ban you. But you wont know you’re being banned because they will just redirect you to another site. Sneaky, right?

Remember, if you are a credit repair company, you are not authorized to order reports for your clients on any consumer credit report service, so It’s better to follow their rules. 

It’s also important that all billing info (zip, etc) be correct).
They will also refuse business if the billing zip your client enters doesn’t match the card, so they ban for that, as well.

We also hear that they are picky about which type card you use. It shouldn’t be a “pre-paid” card.

If your client’s credit card prepaid, they might reject you for that, as well and redirect you to their competitor.

Here’s another disclaimer since this page is controversial:

Please remember that we only make our software and we have no control over any consumer credit report providers. We only know that they have their own rules and they will go far to protect them.

Here’s another great link you might want to read:  Who orders the credit reports?

NHere’s another great link you might want to read: Who orders the credit reports?


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