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How a Mom of Five Overcame Challenges and Built a Home-Based, Million-Dollar Credit Repair Business

By: Daniel Rosen March 30, 2020

DerrickaAre your greatest fears actually your reality?

I’ve had to live through great fear numerous times in my life. The first, was when I became homeless at age 13. 

The second was 17 years ago, I was 40, and I owned a house that I poured my heart and soul into fixing it up. And I almost lost it all because a bank error ruined my credit.

The third time was actually very recently when I discovered a strange thumb-like growth in my stomach, and I feared it was cancerous. (Seriously, listen to this podcast.

Whether we let fear motivate or block us determines our long-term success. For me giving up was never an option. Instead fear motivates me to make a change, especially if it means helping others along the way.

Derricka Harwell, one of our newest members in the Millionaires Club, has also lived through her greatest fears. And, her story is absolutely incredible. The way she responded to her fear is what helped her kick start her home-based credit repair business, which is now making millions of dollars, and help hundreds of people in her community! WOW!   

How Are You Working and Homeless?

There was a point in Derricka’s life where everything fell apart. A series of totally unfortunate events left her with literally nothing except for her children, and her car. 

“I was embarrassed and I felt terrified,” Derricka said during an interview on The Money Exchange podcast, “My greatest fears were my reality. What if I was arrested for living in my car? And my children were taken away?”

While homeless, Derricka worked a full-time job, and people were always asking her, “How are you working, and still homeless?” The stigma is totally unfair! 

“The money that I made was just enough to cover having a babysitter for my children, for us to eat, and for me to put gas in my car. There wasn’t enough to do anything else,” said Derricka.

The good news is, Derricka is a warrior. 

Instead of accepting a life of fear, she began to make some really cool moves. The first, and probably most incredible move, was when she changed her job as a waitress to securing a job at a bank.  

Learning the Ropes of an Unfair Credit System

While working at a bank, Derricka’s eyes opened to the vicious cycles of the banking industry.

Her low-income clients faced hidden fees, high-interest rates, and overdraft fees. That is, if they were even able to open a bank account. 

It’s a vicious cycle that keeps people down!” said Derricka. 

Most people who suffer from money issues don’t know where to start to fix them, much less know the secret rules to money that hurt them. I know I used to fall into this category! 

And as Derricka said, “If you want to win the game, you have to know what the rules are.” 

In true Credit Hero™ spirit, Derricka decided to not only teach the rules to her community but help them play the game of chess to reclaim their power! 

A Business that Changes Lives

The main reason why I love working with credit repair so much is that it truly changes lives. Derricka has this same M.O. To help as many people in her community as possible Derricka started her own credit repair services.

To her, the important bricks that lay the foundation of a happy, healthy business are: 

  1. Treat it like a business, not a job: With a business, growth is in your own control. You chose how many people you can help, and how much income you make. You don’t HAVE to do credit repair. Nope. But, the most successful Credit Heroes LOVE doing credit repair and having an impact on their community. 
  2. Invest in your future: To keep your growth, and momentum going, don’t overextend yourself. Learn the basics of budgeting, personal finance, and investing to open new doors of possibilities for yourself. 
  3. Make customers feel like kings and queens: Customer service is everything. Customers that appreciate your work will continue to come back to you, and continue to refer their friends and family to you. Make sure your customers are happy! 
  4. Automate anything you can: Derricka uses Credit Repair Cloud to send automated dispute letters for hundreds of clients a month. She used monthly calendar reminders and one click credit report imports and audits to serve even more people in her community.

The Winning Formula 

Derricka’s recipe for success is like an award-winning chocolate chip cookie. 

In the first year of her home-based credit repair business, her profits were over $100,000. The second year, she made six times that amount.

Her third year in business, her home-based credit repair company made over $1 million in profits.

Millionaires2019Derricka loves to make money, and she also loves to give it away. She lives and breathes the Credit Repair Cloud’s mission to change lives. 

She believes in it so deeply that she and her husband started a quarterly giveaway –– the Harwell Jackpot –– to help people facing eviction from their homes or who can’t pay a large medical bill. 

Over the years, the Harwell Jackpot has even helped people overturn bank foreclosures. 

All of this is possible today because Derricka believed in herself, pushed through adversity, and decided to build a credit repair business that changes other people’s lives. I am proud to call Derricka Harwell a Credit Repair Cloud Credit Hero!

Are you ready to turn your life around and help the people in your community do the same? Join our free online training now and start your own home-based credit repair company today!

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