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Why Realtors Who Know Credit Repair Make Higher Commissions

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: January 30, 2024

Marketing ideas for realtorsNo matter how long you’ve been working as a realtor, commissions are the backbone of your business. Invest in growing your business and get certified in credit repair. This new real estate business idea will increase your revenue with higher commissions and make you a trusted expert for your clients. The best route to your realty business growth begins with education and certification.

Get Certified

An individual’s credit score has a significant impact on their ability to get the best mortgage and that can be a roadblock from you wanting to take them on as a client or from closing a final deal. Rather than shutting the door on someone looking to be a homeowner, take on the low-cost investment in credit repair services so that you can help them improve their financial standing and score the home of their dreams.

Credit repair certification is an easy, low-cost, and profitable addition to your real estate business. You will learn:

  • How to read a credit report like a pro
  • What a credit score is, how it is calculated for your clients, and how to improve it
  • Necessary steps for negotiating with creditors
  • How to leverage your credit services and get new loyal clients

Certification, combined with the right software, will keep your operations organized and make the services you offer clear to your clients.

Close More Deals

Eligible homebuyers are looking to close a mortgage as much their realtor. With an improved credit score, an applicant who was a “maybe” can easily become a homeowner. Improve the lives of your clients in a whole new way by helping them get a loan for the home they’ve been looking for, but felt was unattainable.

Improving a prospect’s financial health is a win-win.

You use your new real estate business idea of credit repair services to close a deal and get the commission, while the clients get their dream home and walk away with a newly improved financial foundation to continue building a prosperous life.

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Close Higher Value Homes

The amount of your commission depends on the closing price. 6 percent of the closing price is a typical commission rate for a realtor, and you have an opportunity to increase your commission by helping a client become a perfect financial match for a more expensive home.

Imagine this scenario: Client A with average financial health is able to close on a home for $220,000. In return you earn the your portion of the standard 6 percent fee, totaling 3 percent or $6,600. If you are able to improve Client A’s credit and their ability to qualify for a mortgage to close on the $300,000 home, your 3% commission increases to $9,000. Using your credit repair certification to improve the client’s score would increase your commission by $2,400 with the same client!

Credit repair services is the low investment, high reward new real estate business idea you’ve been looking for expand your current business.

Let the Leads Flow In

Credit repair is not just for your current clients. As a realtor, having a secondary financial service like credit repair to offer your community will expand your network and provide new opportunities for word-of-mouth advertising. Telling clients about your credit repair certification and how it impacted other people’s ability to close on a home is a great new marketing idea for realtors.

As a credit repair specialist, the trusted relationships you build while helping clients find the perfect home will be deeper as you help refine and improve their financial independence. They will be more likely to refer you as a realtor to friends and family who are looking to buy home AND refer you as a credit repair specialist for people looking to improve their financial well-being.

There are many new ideas for real estate businesses, but getting credit repair certification will bolster your credibility with your current clients, bring in new leads, and maximize your ROI.

Read how credit repair certification is right solution for your real estate business .

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