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Why This Credit Repair Business Owner Doesn't Sell Credit Repair –– and Makes Millions.

By: Daniel Rosen April 06, 2020

Kevin Carroll

In the last few years, Kevin Carroll went from the guy handing out high-priced auto loans at a dealership to the guy who helps everyone pay less for their cars –– and he makes millions of dollars each year doing it!

See, back at the auto dealership, part of Kevin’s job was to get people who could barely afford a car an auto loan. This is because the auto industry makes a lot of money selling cars, but they have special deals with the banks and actually make more money when you can’t afford a car. If you have a loan with a high interest rate, you pay more over the lifetime of owning that car. Kevin’s job security was making money for the auto dealer by selling these loans to people with average credit. 

When the credit scores were too low, Kevin had to turn people down for an auto loan. This was probably the worst part of his job. Can you imagine having to tell a family who really needs a car that they just don’t have good enough credit to get one?

Kevin couldn’t imagine having to do that for years, so he decided to hop over the divider and get on the side of the people walking in the doors of the dealership.

Credit Catch-22

I’ve heard story after story of hardworking people who couldn’t afford a car because of the unfair interest rates on their loans. Some people caught in this situation try to make their incomes stretch just enough to keep the car. They skip doctor visits and put off needed clothing purchases just to be able to keep the car they drive to work, to pick up kids from daycare, and to grab the weekly groceries in one trip. 

But, sometimes, an unexpected bill pops up. Or work slows down for the month. Or, their kid needs medicine. After all that stretching of the paycheck, it finally tears. And sometimes, the result is a repo on their credit report.

There are two things learned from being in the credit repair industry. One, the system is unfair to people who are already in a one-down position. And two, when someone decides they are going to fight that system with everything they have, they not only change lives, they usually make an amazing income. Over 27 of our business owners who use Credit Repair Cloud have made over a million dollars! It’s amazing.


Kevin is one of those people who decided to make a difference. He saw the way people hung their heads after being denied a car loan. Working in the auto dealership, he knew that people with a repo on their credit report don’t usually get approved for a car loan. 

Kevin knew he could help all of those people get a car if he could find a way to turn their credit around. 

Offering a Solution

For Kevin, the credit repair business opportunity was a chance to give people who were denied a car loan a second chance. He knew that talking about bad credit wasn’t as sexy as a credit solution. So, when he started Reddibuy, he called his credit repair business a “dealer denial solution.” 

It might sound like a word game to call credit repair services a loan denial solution. But, Kevin was right! When you get someone’s credit score high enough to buy a car at a good interest rate, you solved their problem. You give them an auto dealer loan denial solution. (Try to say that five times fast!)

As someone who worked in the auto finance world, Kevin knew there was a HUGE need for credit score help. He had no idea how many people wanted help immediately.

The first day Kevin posted an online ad for his dealer denial solution, he got over 800 calls to his cell phone. The number of people who called him was UNBELIEVABLE, but it was way more than he could handle on his own. 

Right away, Kevin looked for a way to automate his credit repair business. And that’s when Kevin found our credit repair business software, Credit Repair Cloud

Leveling Up With the Right Partner

With over 800 people ready to be clients from day one, he needed an easy way to get a LOT of work done fast. Credit Repair Cloud let Kevin run all his business tasks from one screen. He was amazed to find he could:

  • Import credit reports and run a detailed audit in one click 
  • Automate the process of generating credit dispute letters for clients, saving hours of typing
  • Complete payments, client follow up, and business processes on a single screen

With hundreds of new leads coming in every day, Kevin took advantage of all the bells and whistles Credit Repair Cloud offers users –– including the tech support, mentoring opportunities, and live training through the Credit Repair Expo.

And, the more Kevin poured himself into the business, the more business poured in for him.

Within a year, Kevin was making $10,000 per month. A year later, he made over a million dollars. This year, Kevin is on track to make 3 million dollars!

In 2019, we gave Kevin the Credit Repair Cloud’s Millionaires Club award because he made over a million dollars in revenue that year. His hard work and dedication paid off for him in an incredible way.

Success Comes to Those Who Go For It

Kevin is a smart, hardworking guy who had an insider’s look at how many people needed credit repair. The only difference between the hundreds of people who think about starting a credit repair business and someone like Kevin is that Kevin made the first step. He actually got started!

Kevin knew people needed his help from his days working in auto finance. He was confident that he just needed to let people know he could help them.

Kevin’s dealer denial solution worked because he reached a particular group of people; he had a custom-made solution to a common problem. People who had just been turned down for a car loan knew that Reddibuy had a solution for them. That is smart business positioning.

He wasn’t a credit expert and he had a lot to learn, but he didn’t let that stop him! He had to grow a business and work hard, so hard he started to feel exhausted. So, when he couldn’t keep up with the pace by himself, he hired a sales team to multiply his ability to help even more people solve their financial problem.

And, with software that made it easy to process hundreds of new clients in a week, Kevin helped a ton of people get their credit scores good enough to go back and buy that car. Word spread, and his business mushroomed into a million-dollar enterprise in a very short time.

These days, Kevin also provides a loan-denial solution for people who need better credit scores to buy a home or start a business. 

Even with all of his success, Kevin still pushes past his comfort zone every single day. 

Kevin’s confidence keeps him going when things look hard. 

After taking a chance on helping people, Kevin now makes over $100,000 every single month.

If you are as inspired by Kevin’s story as I am, you can learn how to run your own credit repair company using the same software he relied on to grow a million-dollar company!

Take our free credit repair training today to see what it takes to build a successful credit repair business.

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