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Earn a new revenue stream, provide more value to financial services clients, and get FREE leads by learning credit repair!

Credit repair is a great financial service business opportunity.

Think about it.

  • Your clients already trust you with their financial information. By including credit repair services, you’re adding value to clients for longer-term relationships — and an extra revenue stream for yourself!
  • Additionally, higher credit scores let your clients access credit at a lower costs and qualify for lower rates on loans. This creates more opportunity for a trusted financial services professional to cross-sell and upsell.
  • The number of financial service professionals in the U.S. is growing every year. Like any sales profession, financial services depends on your ability to stay ahead of the pack and stand out.

Offering excellent customer service is great...but it’s not enough.

Online advertising can boost the number of leads...but will drain your budget.

Working harder at the same grind might yield slightly better results, and leave you exhausted.

As the competition multiplies, financial planners need to find opportunities to differentiate their businesses.

Offering credit repair gives you FREE leads for your other services without paying for financial services advertising and sets you apart from other financial services companies.

How Lucrative Is A Credit Repair Business?

This credit repair business calculator will show you the potential of adding credit repair services. Scaling is made possible because software minimizes the work to a few minutes each month.


You, and not CRC, will have sole responsibility to review your marketing and collection efforts relating to the services you provide. Also, you, and not CRC, must confirm that your marketing and receipt of fees are compliant with applicable state and federal laws.


If you solicit from or service customers outside of the state where you reside, you must comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”). For more information, regarding the TSR you can visit the FTC’s website: CRC’s statements are not legal advice. You should seek legal advice to ensure compliance.


Credit Repair Cloud requires that all customers comply with the TSR and any other applicable laws and regulations to continue using its software.



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This all-in-one solution runs my entire business, pays for itself and is easy to scale. I've grown my business far beyond my wildest dreams!

Get Free Leads for Financial Services

Your credit repair clients become warm leads for your other financial services

Build client trust for more referrals

Those you help to repair their credit will trust your judgment and seek your help for other financial services and refer friends and family to you

Multiply Customer LTV

Credit repair is a unique tool to help clients at different milestones of their financial journey, which can increase their lifetime value as a client by 200 or 300%

Your Clients Need Financial Advice For Credit Repair:

Percentage Of Credits Reports That Have Errors


Total number of people living in Washington

7.288 million

Average Debt On Credit Report


Percent of population with credit scores below 700


Percent of home buyers getting a mortgage for their home purchase


… which means that someone will be helping them repair their credit.


Credit Repair Cloud can help differentiate your services from others in your industry. This business software allows you to offer your financial knowledge at a new milestone in your client’s financial journey, the credit repair phase. And, if you can successfully help your clients with credit repair, you can earn their long-term customer loyalty.

  • Provide value to clients during different milestones of their financial journey
  • Differentiate from your competition
  • Earn new investment opportunities from happy clients

Get Free Leads for Financial Services

The role of a financial planner is to assist people through their financial situations. Clients ask you to and manage finances during life milestones like unexpected cash windfalls, planning for retirement, or other future investment options. Surprisingly, financial services providers don’t always provide assistance during the credit repair milestone, which is the phase that unlocks financial freedom and continued services from a financial planner. This gap creates a unique business opportunity for you to differentiate from your competition, add additional value to existing clients, and get free leads for your existing financial services business through credit repair!

Why add credit repair services to your financial services business?

  • You can differentiate yourself from other financial services professionals
  • A good credit score provides your clients freedom to invest more of their money with you
  • You can get trained and start making a recurring monthly income in a few weeks!

Credit Repair Cloud’s software makes running a credit repair business easy.

  • CRM-integrations
  • Cloud-based payment solutions
  • Automated recurring monthly billing
  • Free marketing tools
  • Built-in business growth tools
  • Access to a responsive support team
Grow-optimized v2

Build Client Trust for More Referrals

The biggest hurdle for most financial services providers is getting clients to trust them with their financial lives. You already earned that trust as their current financial planner. Now you can use that relationship to help them further their financial goals and earn their referrals.

When you can educate your clients on better financial habits — from rebuilding credit to investing in their children’s education —you’re helping them improve their overall financial situation. And, happy clients equal more referrals to help their friends and family.

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Multiply Customer LTV

Acquiring new clients is difficult. As in most businesses, retaining client relationships is crucial to your business’s health and longevity. This is true whether you’ve been a financial planner for decades or just beginning to grow your clientele. Credit Repair Cloud is a great way to help add value to your clients and create a strong, lasting relationship. Credit Repair Cloud allows you to expand your financial service offerings by providing clients with credit counseling and credit repair services at any stage of their financial journey. Credit Repair Cloud seamlessly integrates your current clients into your credit repair business to double or triple client lifetime value.

Our software streamlines your credit repair work for you:

  • Imports Credit Reports in seconds
  • Gives clients a Credit Audit in 1-click
  • Highlights improvement areas on your client’s credit report
  • Auto-fills documents with client information

Most of our software users find it takes them about five minutes of work per month per client after the first month, with many running very successful credit repair businesses that change thousands of lives.

How to get trained as a credit repair specialist:

  1. Sign Up for a FREE Credit Repair Training Webinar
  2. Sign Up for Credit Repair Cloud to keep track of clients (with APIs that easily connect your existing CRM, lead management software, and bookkeeping software)
  3. Complete the Start Repairing Credit Challenge
  4. Help clients and start changing lives

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Check out some of our free eBooks on how to run a successful credit repair business!


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