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Credit Repair Cloud is awesome. It pays for itself, and helps us close far more loans.”

Eric Torres

Mortgage Originator

As a realtor, your average conversion rate from prospect to closed sale is somewhere between 1% and 3%. That means that even experienced realtors have to contact 250 leads to get 6 sales. That leaves 244 homebuyers you’re not closing -- how many of them are disqualified because of bad credit scores?

What if you had a way to turn those disqualified leads into closed deals?

You can help your clients get into their dream homes and increase your revenue by learning how to raise client credit scores.

You probably already help your real estate clients improve their score to get a better loan or afford the home their family deserves. The right credit repair software will help you work faster to get clients qualified for a loan and into a better home. When you help someone who isn’t qualified for a home loan improve their credit score, their entire life changes. You can have a profound, positive impact on your community by offering credit repair services to disqualified leads.

Credit repair is also a creative real estate agent marketing idea: by offering credit repair services you will sell more homes, have happier clients, and create a second stream of revenue with free, qualified leads. Most people who are focusing on improving their credit are doing so to qualify for a home.

Motivated homebuyers will pay you to get them qualified for a home loan!

How Lucrative Is A Credit Repair Business?

This credit repair business calculator will show you the potential of adding credit repair services. Scaling is made possible because software minimizes the work to a few minutes each month.


You, and not CRC, will have sole responsibility to review your marketing and collection efforts relating to the services you provide. Also, you, and not CRC, must confirm that your marketing and receipt of fees are compliant with applicable state and federal laws.


If you solicit from or service customers outside of the state where you reside, you must comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”). For more information, regarding the TSR you can visit the FTC’s website: CRC’s statements are not legal advice. You should seek legal advice to ensure compliance.


Credit Repair Cloud requires that all customers comply with the TSR and any other applicable laws and regulations to continue using its software.



Sacramento, CA

A bad credit score can negatively impact a person's ability to obtain a decent mortgage. I am a mortgage broker and I help my clients with Credit Repair Cloud. It's simple to use and effective. Thank you for a wonderful and reasonably priced product!

Janet Briton

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Helping clients fix their credit is a win-win. It helps them qualify for better homes and better loans, which in turn helps my team position their offers better and helps us close more homes, at higher prices. It’s not only about higher commission, it is also about turning clients into fans… who spread the word about the great experience and bring in more referrals!

Benefits to realtors who run a credit repair business.


Turn disqualified prospects into eligible homebuyers

When your real estate clients improve their credit, everybody wins. Clients can increase their credit score to get into their dream home, and clients who previously didn’t qualify can change their life and buy a home.

value to clients

Add value to existing clients

Two revenue streams are better than one! Give yourself some financial cushion while you wait for that deal’s ink to dry. You already help clients earn better credit scores - why not get paid for it?

new leads

Generate new leads

Credit repair is an innovative tool that can bring in prospects. What starts out credit repair services for a client can end with a home sale. Happy clients in new homes will then refer your services to their friends and family!

Credit issues may be keeping your clients from getting a loan:

Percentage Of Credits Reports That Have Errors


Total number of people living in Washington

7.288 million

Average Debt On Credit Report


Percent of population with credit scores below 700


Percent of home buyers getting a mortgage for their home purchase


… which means that someone will be helping them repair their credit.

With the right tools and software, you can quickly and efficiently help your real estate clients repair their credit AND sell more homes!

Credit Repair Cloud’s patented software provides a simple and streamlined method for repairing credit.

When your clients’ credit scores increase:

  • Your clients qualify for better loans and have more homes to choose from
  • Your revenue increases from selling more homes at a higher value
  • You are able to provide more value to your clients and the community when they give you free real estate advertising through word of mouth
Grow-optimized v2

Word of Mouth is the Best Real Estate Advertising

When you help clients improve their credit score to qualify for their dream home, you earn more than a commission. You earn your client’s trust, loyalty, and referrals to friends and neighbors.

  • People who complete credit repair with you can refer people who want to improve their credit score to qualify for a better home
  • Credit repair gives you a reason to stay in-touch with clients and keep building rapport after the sale
  • You increase your yearly revenue by closing more homes with higher commissions

Take this free web training to learn how to sell more homes and get more free leads and referrals!

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Increase Value for Existing Real Estate Clients

Don’t let your clients settle on a loan--help them repair their credit and learn healthier financial habits to get them into the home they deserve.

Credit Repair Cloud’s software makes it simple for both you and your clients:

  • Import credit reports in seconds
  • Give clients a Credit Audit in 1-click
  • Highlight improvement areas on your client’s credit report
  • Auto-fill documents with client information

With this efficient method and automated system, offering credit services to your clients is a win-win. Not only will you sell more homes to happy clients, you will add a stream of free real estate leads who pay you to get them qualified for a home loan.

How to get trained as a credit repair specialist:

  1. Sign Up for a FREE Credit Repair Training Webinar
  2. Sign Up for Credit Repair Cloud to keep track of clients (with APIs that easily connect your existing CRM, lead management software, and bookkeeping software)
  3. Complete the Start Repairing Credit Challenge
  4. Help clients and start changing lives

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Tax preparers: create a steady income month after month by becoming a credit repair specialist!

Start your credit repair business training NOW!

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