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The Trifecta of Success: The 3 Elements Behind Every Million Dollar Credit Repair Business

By: Daniel Rosen November 21, 2019


Starting a new business can be intimidating. From determining which product or service to offer to learning how to become a compliant and successful organization, there are a ton of blanks for you to fill in.

Don’t get buried by those unanswered questions. Entrepreneurs learn as they go. What’s more important than the minor details, is the foundation, which is an easier problem to solve.

This article describes the three elements you need to start and build your own credit repair businesses and how you can obtain each of the elements regardless of how green you are as an entrepreneur.

A Network of Fellow Entrepreneurs

Do you have the blueprint for success? Odds are, if you’re new to the entrepreneurship game, you won’t. That’s OK. Rather than feeling lost, find others who have been in a similar position as yourself and copy their blueprint to success.

When Pretty Washington first started her credit repair business, she excelled in lead generation. She purchased air time at a local radio station to promote her business, and before she knew it, she had hundreds of clients reaching out for her services. Though Pretty knew how to get business, she didn’t know how to handle it.

Rather than turning away clients, or panicking, she turned to credit hero Seth Mitchell's proven blueprint for help. Many of the Millionaire Club members like Seth answer questions and give incredibly valuable, free business insights in Credit Repair Cloud’s private online group for the software’s users. You may have heard that ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ that brings success in business. In the credit repair industry, people like Seth can save eager entrepreneurs like Pretty thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by pointing them in the right direction.

Free advice from million-dollar earners is a very valuable and unique aspect of the Credit Repair Cloud business community.

Business Software for Launching a Credit Repair Business

When it comes to starting a new business, your time is valuable. While many business owners want to touch every aspect of their business, this level of attention will run you ragged. Worse, you’ll have a difficult time completing all of your tasks well.

Rather than manually managing every aspect of a business, the most successful entrepreneurs rely on automation.

In the case of credit repair, software that automates your operations will:

  • Keep track of client information
  • Create and submit dispute letters
  • Set reminders
  • Help with follow-ups

A well-running machine is precisely what can help you bring more clients on board, without skimping on customer service or results.

First-time entrepreneur Ashley Massengill of AM/PM Credit Repair didn’t know that she had it in her to become an entrepreneur. She was working in the post office in a comfortable government job and wasn’t planning on leaving any time soon. However, with the help of credit repair business software, she hit the million-dollar mark in her credit repair business in only 18 months!

To get to that million-dollar milestone, Ashley says she needed the perfect credit repair business software to assist her. As Ashley researched the options on the market, she discovered Credit Repair Cloud. She saw the technology could:

  • Help her start her first credit repair business
  • Maximize her time with fewer resources
  • Ramp up her client list quickly

Most of all, the technology showed her that it was possible to quit her job at the post office and start her credit repair business in the first place. After her success in credit repair, Ashley became a serial entrepreneur and continues getting joy out of helping single moms improve credit scores to qualified to buy a home.

Credit Repair Business Training

Whether you’re learning the ropes of credit repair yourself, or you have employees in your growing business that need assistance learning the trade, credit repair training is a critical aspect to grow your business.

Continuing education and training in your industry is a surefire way to learn new business-expanding concepts, such as:

  • Lead generation to grow your clientele
  • Business practices for better results
  • Industry changes that impact your business

Training events like the Credit Repair Expo are great opportunities for networking and connecting with others in your industry who can help accelerate your business.

Credit repair specialist, Jose Rodriguez of Clean Slate Credit Solutions, says that Credit Repair Cloud’s easy to use interface, and resources enabled his staff to gain in-depth education about the industry and its best practices. With that, his team was able to more effectively and more quickly help more clients.

In fact, after switching to Credit Repair Cloud, Jose and his team tripled the revenue of Clean Slate Credit Solutions. That massive growth testifies to the power of the right business training in the hands of a capable team.

Create Your Credit Repair Business Trifecta

At Credit Repair Cloud, we know that these three elements of accessing a network, using the right software, and investing in top tier training all work together to greater than the sum of its parts.

That's why we provide all three to our users.

Are you ready to become apart of the Credit Repair Cloud community? Watch this free online training to get started.

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