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The Beginner's Guide to Marketing Financial Services

By: Daniel Rosen July 01, 2019

credit repair business company_4Marketing is important in any industry, and the financial services sector is no exception to the rule. By carefully selecting your marketing message, you can make an impact on your bottom line and create better alignment with the clients you engage with.

One trend that’s growing in popularity, is positioning an organization as a mission-based company. And, even though financial services has long been known as a conservative or traditional sector of business, that doesn’t mean it can’t be selfless.

Read on to learn more about marketing your financial services in an inspiring way.

Focus on Meaningful Website Content

Nearly 80% of companies failing to reach their revenue goals have one thing in common: they attract 10,000 or fewer monthly website visitors. As a result, 71% of financial services organizations plan to increase digital spend in the coming year.

We already know that a website is a crucial marketing tool. But, building a solid website is more than creating a nice visual for your clients or having an online presence. It’s also very much about telling your story through the content you create.

Tell an inspirational story

Your future clients want to know more than what services you offer. They want to know how you can help them better than anyone else in the industry. One way to portray this is by sharing your own story:

  • What trials and tribulations have you faced to get you where you are today?
  • What motivated you to start your business?
  • What problem are you solving with your business?
  • Why should someone choose to work with you?

For example, Founder and CEO of Credit Repair Cloud, Daniel Rosen, has a great story that spurred his entrepreneurship. In 2002, Daniel found an error on his credit report and it turned his entire life upside down. After seeing, first-hand, the struggles people go through to repair credit mistakes, he was determined to start a company dedicated to helping others overcome their own hardships, and empowering others to participate in the movement.

This messaging is powerful for two reasons:

  1. It provides hope to people who are currently plagued with a bad credit score
  2. Daniel's story shows how you can take control of your credit repair, or that of your communities, as a credit repair specialist

Powerful messaging resonates with prospects. They want to know that the company they work with understands their struggles and knows the most direct path forward to alleviate their pain points.

When it comes to digital marketing, financial services firms tend to neglect content, with just 7% saying it is a priority compared to an average of 15% for other industries. Don’t fall victim to this trap. Get ahead of your competition by focusing on the power of positive messaging, and uses it as a tool to build relationships with your readers.

Think Digital, Proactive Outreach

For the average person, it can be easy to push off financial matters. Whether they are afraid to take a hard look at where they stand financially, or if it’s due to a lack of knowledge about their options, it’s important to find ways to proactively address clients.

Blog copy, email campaigns and social media are a great trifecta for client outreach. Create content that touches on varied milestones in a person’s financial journey:

  • Awareness: Educate your prospects on the benefits of taking back control over their finances and financial services can help. Answer the question: how can the products or services you offer change their life?
  • Consideration: Pinpoint a specific problem your clients might face and an exact strategy for how the issue can be solved.
  • Decision: Explain to your audience why your organization, in particular, can help your prospects reach their goals better than anyone else in the industry.

Once your content has been created, distribute it on social media and start email campaigns to continue to reach your audience.

You can measure the effectiveness of your content strategy by tracking key performance indicators (referred to as KPIs) like:

  • Open rates: The number of people opened your email.
  • Click-through: The number or percentage of people who clicked on a link you provided.
  • Conversions: The number of people signed up for your product or service from your email, blog or social campaign.
  • Traffic sources: Where people are coming from before reaching your site. You can track social, direct and organic traffic for free using Google Analytics. Start to analyze which channels are bringing you new prospects.
  • Social engagement: Interaction with your content as measured by clicks, shares, and other metrics. You can tell what type of content is resonating with your audience by the amount of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ your posts are getting.

When done correctly, digital marketing is it can be an incredibly effective method of outreach. For example, Campaign Monitor, states every $1 spent on email marketing generates an average ROI of $44.



Offer Mission-Based Services And Stand Out

Marketing is all about standing out from the crowd and showing potential customers that you can deliver more value than your competitors. One way to do this is by offering unique services and products that others fail to do.

Credit repair is a great example of an easy addition to your services. By helping your clients improve their credit scores, you’re opening the door for them to change their financial future. Not only will they be able to get approved for life’s necessities like apartments, mortgages or car loans, but they’ll also have less stress in their personal lives.

How to position mission-based services

For first-time credit repair specialists, you might feel like you need to erase the stigma some of surrounding credit repair.

Maybe your clients have been burned in the past, or are afraid of opening up about their own credit history. Soothe the concerns by showing that credit repair is a solution to the debt trap, and position yourself as an expert in the industry so you can prove once and for all that credit repair is an important service that can improve the state of your community.

Bring Your Clients Into the Movement

Marketing isn’t just about drawing in new customers and generating leads. A solid marketing strategy should focus on cultivating long-term relationships as well.

In order to do this, you’ll need to provide enough value to keep them coming back for more. To become a continued resource for your clients, focus on techniques like:

  • Providing ongoing education by way of webinars or in-person training
  • Fine-tune your methods like staying up-to-date on the best ways to submit dispute letters as legislation continues to change
  • Learn new tools to keep them on the path to financial wellness
  • Bring them into a referral or affiliate network and compensate them for new leads

The best way to achieve a steady stream of business is through consistent and effective marketing backed by exceptional value and service. There are many different ways you can approach this task, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Find out how Credit Repair Cloud can help you go the extra mile for your customers by offering credit repair services.

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