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Credit Repair Millionaires Story: How One Man Rebuilt His Financial Life So He Could Rebuild Others

By: Daniel Rosen July 06, 2020

andre-coakley-2xIn the early nineties, Andre Coakley started his professional career as a mortgage processor at his father’s company. Andre quickly became an expert at his job and rose through the ranks to eventually become a loan officer. Ultimately aiming to follow in his father’s footsteps, Andre opened his own mortgage company in 2005. And his business was doing well for the first few years of operation. 

Then, hardship hit. 

“We all know what happened in 2008, 2009. We had a mortgage crisis,” says Andre Coakley

Despite his background in mortgage and finance, Andre wasn’t protected from the mortgage crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010. On top of the economic downfall, Andre was also going through a divorce. As a culmination of events, Andre’s home went through foreclosure, and he eventually lost his business. 

Finding Resilience Through Credit Repair

Andre’s story wasn’t an outlier. In fact, nearly four million homes were foreclosed on each year of the recession, and approximately 2.5 million businesses were closed in total.

The recession showed us how easily hardworking people fell victim to economic hardship.  

For every business shut down, or home foreclosed on, victims of the recession were forced to start over financially, rebuilding from unstable ground and poor credit. 

As Andre personally went through the rebuilding phase, he discovered how difficult it was to access quality information about credit repair. As a former mortgage professional, he knew good credit was the foundation to start a new life.  Luckily, Andre’s determination to overcome adversity and his battle with credit repair became another tool to add to his toolbelt. Not only did he improve his credit score, he was equipped to help others.

For his next chapter in life, Andre combined his background in mortgage processing and his experience with economic hardship to start his own credit repair company, Credit 360. The mission of his new business was simple: to help others navigate the complicated waters of credit repair and come out with better financial health.  

“There are a lot of individuals that want to have good credit, but don’t really know where to start.” - Andre Coakley

Andre started Credit 360 so he could educate his community on ways to protect themselves from falling victim of financial hardship and extend a hand to those who struggled to rebuild.

Finding a Solution to Maximize Credit Repair Impact

As Andre’s client list began to grow, he started the tedious process of software trials and demos to find the best piece of technology for Credit 360 to keep up. Andre described the process as largely unsatisfying.

“A lot of software claims to have all the bells and whistles. The problem is, having leather seats doesn't do any good to a car that doesn't run.” - Andre Coakley

Andre was relieved when he found Credit Repair Cloud, which he says is the most comprehensive and consistent technology he’s come across.

“Credit Repair Cloud wound up being the spinal cord for our business. It's a platform that never let us down,” says Andre Coakley

Credit Repair Cloud made it possible for Andre to:

  • Streamline the credit repair process 
  • Organize day-to-day tasks in a manageable way
  • Maintain client communication
  • Scale the business 

Andre said that Credit Repair Cloud client portal was especially helpful to Credit 360 because it streamlined client communication and organized documentation as they scaled. 

Learning the Rewards of a Customer-Focused Business

andre-coakley-teamWith the help of Credit Repair Cloud, Credit 360’s mission to help a community has been achieved. Currently, Andre is known for his client-first approach and exceptional customer service. 

Andre says, Credit 360 is more than just credit repair business, they are also a non-profit that teaches financial literacy to kids and first-time homebuyers.

“We provide the credit portion for many homebuyer courses in the Miami, Florida area,” says Andre Coakley

Andre says that the education component of their business model has been a catalyst for attracting new clients and affiliates. Through education, Credit 360 has been able to build trust within their community, and open doors that lead to new business and referral opportunities for Andre and his team. 

The work of Andre and his team impacts more than just his client. Andre also says becoming a credit hero has improved life for him and his family. 

“Having a business — being able to live my life — has created freedom. Not only for me but for my family.” - Andre Coakley

Today, Credit 360 earns seven figures, annually. Congratulations, Andre! Keep up the good work, and welcome to the Millionaires Club.  

Are you ready to start your credit repair company? Check out our Credit Hero Challenge and take the first steps today!


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