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How to Become a Local Credit Repair Specialist

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: April 24, 2024

how to become a credit repair agent.jpegA secret agent helps their organization by understanding the system and learning secrets that will ostensibly be for the greater good. As a credit repair specialist, you will understand the secrets of the credit bureaus and the financial system that can help your entire community, all while you earn a recurring monthly income.

Learn how to become a credit repair agent by following these three key steps:

1. Establish Trust

Your credit repair clients need to rely on you for financial information, which they guard carefully.  Remember that building trust in the short term will reap benefits for you and your clients in the long term because you will have the credibility to guide them toward taking action to reach their credit goals.

When you show your clients that you are bringing them value from the get-go, they feel comfortable with you and confident in your ability to help them.

Ways to earn client trust

Testimonials and referrals

When you move to a new town, how do you find a physician for your family? Where do you go to get your car fixed? If you are like most people, you rely on word of mouth, either a neighbor or a digital referral source like Yelp or Angie’s List, to guide you to a trusted source.

You need to be that trusted source for your future clients.

Include testimonials from happy clients on your website. Here’s the secret: these testimonials can be from family and friends as long as you actually helped them repair their credit. In fact, if you help a few friends and family members for FREE while you’re starting out, they can pay you in a genuine, five-star referral for your services!


Imagine before a potential client sits down with you that you have already taken the time to

  1. a) understand their situation and
  2. b) be prepared to help them

This would win you a solid level of trust. It is important to invest in your own credit repair training before you start trying to fix someone else’s credit.

The American Credit Repair Academy has an amazing training that covers the basics of what you need to know to become a credit repair agent in your community.

Another great way to earn trust is to show up as the expert in your community so that people already trust you before you even open your mouth!

2. Educate Your Communityhow to become a credit repair agent 2.jpeg

So what do you do with your newfound expertise in credit repair? You educate the community.

Your community may be a  geographical neighborhood or it could be an online community that you are already part of or that you build. Wherever you choose to invest your credit repair competence, the most important thing you can do is learn how to become a credit repair agent that makes a positive impact on your community.

Educate people about financial well-being, focusing on their credit. As you will find, credit has an enormous impact on a person’s financial health and well-being. You’d be surprised how a little credit education can go a long way: most people in the U.S. are clueless about the (complicated) way credit bureaus work, how their own credit is calculated, or even how to create better credit habits.

Contact sources in your community where people get educated from trusted authorities. You may find more success in partnering with a local financial affiliate, such as a mortgage broker or a lender or real estate agent, in order to leverage both of your credibility in the community and pitch more value in your presentation of information.

Here are some places to try:

  • Radio shows
    • Call your local station or do a little research to see if there is an existing financial education show
    • If there is a show about financial education or finance, ask to do a guest spot on how credit works and if they do not, then you have an opening to give your community real value (and earn credibility) through a monthly or weekly show on how credit works and how to improve it
    • Offer to do a regular segment, answer questions from listeners
  • TV shows - Same idea as radio, but wear a nice pants suit
  • News articles - You can write Op-Eds or see if your local paper is looking for a guest columnist for their financial section or a credit Q & A format
  • Events at the local library - Again, a great way for you to partner with an affiliate to build your relationship with them and both of your credibility and visibility in the community
  • Free advice - Contribute gifts certificates for your services in high-profile opportunities like city-wide food or drink festivals, local celebrations, or charity auctions

Remain involved in the community, not just when it pertains to credit. Be visible and active, contribute to the greater good because it speaks volumes to your character. For more tips on being a positive presence in your community, read this article on how to become a credit repair agent.

3. Follow Through With Awesome Service

Once you’ve earned a person’s trust enough to be called your client, you must follow through with consistently awesome service. Don’t worry, it’s very simple if you have the right tools and education in place from the beginning.

  1. Be educated

Learn how credit repair works and build a following in the community through education before you get the point of needing other tools to help you run your business. Once your know how to become a credit repair specialist you can decide if you want to help people while earning a recurring income through your own credit repair business.

  • Be organized

The days of sticky notes and Rolodexes are over: use credit repair business software to keep everything organized. You will save yourself thousands of hours of busywork and leverage your time and energy to help clients and to follow up with the referrals that start pouring in when you do.

Delegate your busywork to your competent, trained team. Ensure that they are trained on the basics of credit repair and how to operate in your credit repair business software.

  • Be thoughtful and precise

As a credit repair specialist you want to make sure that when you contact your client you have all of their details at your fingertips so you can address any questions that arise on the status of a disputed item or any changes to their credit report. Making a mistake here could really damage your credibility. The good news is that if you are using software to organize all of your clients you will have everything you need with the click of a button.

Those who have gone before know a thing or two. Understand important success tips like why trying to become a credit repair agent part-time is a bad idea and the reasons you want to invest in financial affiliate relationships.

  • Keep in touch

Treat your client relationships like gold. Once you know how to become a credit repair agent you can focus on building genuine relationships with your clients and invest time in following up with them. A simple gesture like sending a birthday card to each client or checking up after they have improved their credit and are no longer working with you will help your clients feel like you care, and are great ways to subtly remind them you are a great person to refer their friends and family to.

If you are seriously thinking about how to become a credit repair agent, you are in good company. You can start by reading the stories of regular folks who took the leap and worked hard to achieve consistent results in their credit repair businesses.

When you are ready to see what it takes to make a difference in your community through credit repair, get your FREE copy of this incredible eBook: Recipe for a Scalable Credit Repair Business.

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