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3 Places to Find Credit Repair Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: April 24, 2024


In an ideal world, finding credit repair leads would be easy - you’d put up your website, invest in some software, and the money would start rolling in.

The reality, however, is not quite so hands-off.

Generating leads and closing sales takes work You can forget about the days of going door to door in order to get the word out about your business. Tech-savvy business owners should deploy specific
credit repair marketing strategies to grow their credit repair business. Consider these three places to find new leads:

  • Credit Repair Website

  • Affiliate Referrals

  • Paid Ads

Where to Find Credit Repair Leads

1. Credit Repair Website

Your business’s website is what’s known as an ‘owned marketing channel’ and there is absolutely no better place to attract and convert leads. Because you own and manage every aspect of your credit repair website, you have ultimate control over what visitors see how they interact with your pages.

The unfortunate reality is that far too many business owners don’t use this to their advantage - they simply assume a visitor is ready to purchase as soon as they land on the site.

Don’t be that person.

No matter how you attract traffic, it’s extremely rare that a person will be willing to buy on their first visit. The more likely scenario is that they are doing research or comparing prices, which means you need to find a way to capture their information so that you can follow up.

So, how do you do that?

  • Popups - Not all popups and evil and when used correctly they can yield a ton of leads.  Emails captured via popup are yours forever and can be used to turn a visitor into a customer.

  • Opt In Resources - The name of the game when it comes to opt-ins is to provide value - you are essentially trading a helpful guide or resource for a lead so your offer needs to be compelling. Ebooks, whitepapers, and free guides are all effective options here.

  • Free Consultations - Similar to opt-ins, allowing your website visitors to schedule a free consultation to discuss their credit is a great way to turn them into a lead. In order to not spend too much time doing consultations, it’s best to screen candidates ahead of time with an online form in order to weed out bad leads.

2. Affiliate Referrals

Establishing an affiliate program for your business is one of the most effective credit repair marketing strategies for driving leads. The beauty is an affiliate system is that it costs nearly nothing up front (Credit Repair Cloud has a built-in affiliate system) and you only pay a commission for a converted client.

When it comes to getting the word out about your program, there are two ways to do it:

  • Promotion
  • Partnerships and Recruiting

Promoting your program is exactly what it sounds like, you’ll need to put the information in front of as many people as possible and emphasize the advantages of participating. Relevant Facebook groups and forums should be at the top of your list, but there are plenty of other proven strategies out there as well.

If the goal of promotion is quantity, the goal of partnerships and recruiting is quality - you want to target people who can drive the most value. This method usually requires more work as you will need to seek out and evaluate websites, influencers, and blogs, but if you find the right influencer to partner with it can pay off in spades.

Looking to really make an impression?  Go out and try to meet every reputable mortgage broker, loan officer, realtor, tax preparer, auto dealer and divorce attorney from your area in person and offer a commission for every paid client they refer.  I know we said you won’t have to go door to door, but so few people are doing this that it’s an easy way to get noticed and you can track everything in Credit Repair Cloud.

3. Paid Ads

Paid advertisements are the best way to guarantee you reach your target customer. While you don’t have much control over who visits your website or to whom your affiliates promote, paid ads give you the ability to target leads with laser-like precision.

The only issue is that ads can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Fortunately, Facebook’s ad tool is relatively intuitive and makes it easy to put ads in front of your ideal customers using two different tactics:

  • Retargeting
  • Lookalike Audiences

Remember what we said about finding credit repair leads using your website?  Facebook retargeting allows you to target visitors that came to your site but didn't convert - put simply, you get another shot at them. By installing a bit of code (known as a pixel) on your webpages, you can then choose to show them ads on Facebook with the goal of bringing them back to your site.  Powerful, right?

If you’re a new business and don’t have any traffic yet, don’t despair!  Facebook also allows you to create lookalike audiences based which pages a user likes or follows. This kind of functionality allows you to do things like target a competitor’s Facebook fans and show them a resource you created or a discount you’re offering.


Putting It All Together

Your goal with credit repair marketing is to create a flywheel effect - you want to set up processes and systems that ensure you get a steady stream of potential customers. By using one or all of the above methods, and maybe adding some hidden lead sources, you can safely move to the next step of the sales funnel which is focusing on winning and converting customers.

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