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How to Get Credit Repair Business Testimonials (and Maximize Them)

By: Daniel Rosen June 25, 2020

Credit Heroes credit repair leads

When it comes to telling the story of your business, prospective clients will gather information about you in a bunch of different ways. If you break down exactly what your potential clients are looking for, you will see three main needs: 

  • What you offer
  • That you’ve gotten great results for others
  • You can do the same for them

And, even though you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into a perfect website that tells your customers all the information they need, sometimes that’s not enough. They will still need more information. 

That’s why I urge you to explore the world of testimonials. Because they are coming from people who have already used your service, they are authentic, touching, and meaningful.  Best of all, they don’t break the bank. So, how do you get business testimonials for your credit repair services?

1. Ask Your Superstar Clients

You know when you’ve absolutely crushed it for a client

You’ve helped someone rebuild their credit to reach their goals. And, your clients are living the best version of their own life.

When both you and your client are flying high after a job well done, it’s the best time to ask them to talk about their experience. 

Ask your clients to jot down what it was like working with you by prompting them with specific questions like:

  • "What services did I provide"
  • "What awesome results did you see?"
  •  "What did you like best about working with me?" 

2. Give a Referral Bonus

Chances are if your client needed credit help, there are others in their circle who could also use a helping hand. 

I recommend offering your happiest clients $50 or $100 per referral in exchange for viable leads. 

You can help them rebound from poor credit, and as a result, they can help contribute to your recurring revenue from credit repair services

3. Consider Providing Your Services Pro Bono 

If you’re starting out on your Credit HeroTM journey, you may need some help getting the word out. For that reason, some Credit Heroes provide pro bono work in exchange for testimonials. 

That is to say, you’ll help a client repair their credit for free in exchange for a positive review. 

I recommend doing this as much as possible because when you’re just starting out, you need practice and you need a lot of testimonials in order to grow your business! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the pro bono strategy, you should read up on Credit Hero Ashley Massengill! She used this technique as a tool to kick start her business, and is now a total superstar!

Ashley Massengill

What Do You Do Once You Have Customers to Give You Business Testimonials?

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new ways to evolve myself and my business. So, don’t be satisfied with a handful of positive credit repair business reviews on your Yelp or Google My Business page. Instead, push that gas pedal down to the floor and keep it going! Maximize your well-deserved praise.

Make Social Media Your Best Friend

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your business testimonials because the reach has the potential to be GIANT and the cost is nil.

If you share customer success stories or testimonials on your Facebook wall or LinkedIn page, tag your client (you should ask permission first). That way, friends and family within their network can see the great work that you’ve done, too. 

When your client’s network sees the great work that you’ve done, they become warm leads for your growing credit repair business.  

Ask for Video Testimonials

Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials can have an even deeper impact on your prospective clients. Sharing a video instantly gives your client a personality and makes them more real.

Credit hero Malik Greene swears by video testimonials. Malik loves sharing his client’s faces, names, and stories, so they can relate to one another. Malik says,⁣ ”Everyone has a different scenario. Nurses can relate to nurses, moms relate to moms, millennials relate to millennials.” 

Malik Greene

If prospective clients know that you’ve helped people just like them, it’s comforting and impactful, and can get you a ton of warm leads! 

Your Own Clients Will Be Your Best Advertising

The reach of testimonials can be exponential in our digital world. And, with enough of them highlighting your awesomeness, you’ll never have to sweat finding recurring revenue for your business again! 

Ready to provide value to your clients and start grabbing testimonials? Take our Credit Hero Challenge and get started today.


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