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How to Get Your Community Talking About Credit Scores

By: Keenan Jones September 17, 2019

There are three things you’re never supposed to talk about – religion, politics, and credit scores. Maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but talking about credit scores or debt is certainly taboo in American culture. No matter where you are from, your neighbors, families, and community members are not talking openly about debt and financial troubles.

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Credit repair business owner Kevin Carroll speaks to Credit Repair Expo attendees about using a niche to talk to people about their credit scores.

It’s too bad we live in a society where we don’t talk about debt, because it’s an important topic. For the overwhelming majority of Americans, dealing with credit and bills is simply a part of life. Good credit is a must if you want to:

  • Lower interest rates on credit cards and loans
  • Better chance for credit card and loan approval
  • More negotiating power
  • Get approved for higher credit limits
  • Easier approval for rental homes and apartments
  • Better car insurance rates
  • Get a cell phone on contract without a security deposit
  • Avoid security deposits on utilities
  • Peace of mind. Good credit FEELS good

Busting through the blocks of talking about credit scores and breaking down fears about this taboo subject has benefits for your community. The more people begin talking about credit scores, debt, and financial problems, the sooner they can begin to address the root causes and use credit repair services to make their lives better.

The good news is, you can help erase credit repair stigma. While you’re learning how to start a credit repair business, learn about the creative ways you can open up the conversation around credit and finances in our communities:

Promote Community Education

One big reason people won’t talk about their finances is that they don’t know exactly how to talk about it. Many of the people in your circle are afraid of sounding “dumb” or uninformed. Some people may know the very basics of credit scores, but most don’t understand the tools of credit repair, like using dispute letters to fight credit errors.

As a credit repair business owner, you can lead the charge in helping your community get educated and begin to talk openly about debt and credit scores. Some easy ways to start connecting with people who could benefit from credit education include:

  • Hosting community education events
  • Sponsoring a booth at a local event
  • Organizing your own event at a community college, real estate office, or library

Giving people the vocabulary to talk about their finances empowers them in situations like opening a bank account and applying for a credit card, and puts us one step closer to erasing credit stigma.

Find Your Niche

Another great way to get people talking about credit and grow your business is to find your niche. Learn how people are struggling most in your community and offer specific, tailored credit repair services to meet their immediate needs.

One credit repair business owner found success by staying focused on helping one type of credit repair client. At the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, Kevin Carroll told attendees how he built his business from the ground up on niche marketing to what is now a thriving 7-figure business with 9 employees. Kevin’s ReddiBuy “dealer denial solution” caters specifically to the auto industry, helping would-be car buyers get approved for loans and achieve their goal of getting a reliable car.

Kevin’s unique product helps meet specific credit repair needs, while giving him a never-ending supply of clients to grow his business. He used this niche to catapult his business into a million-dollar revenue credit repair powerhouse!

People may find it less overwhelming to talk about credit as it relates to a specific need. Who do you see that’s struggling in your community due to bad credit? When you’re thinking about how to start and build your credit repair company, you can focus on credit repair for specific needs like:

  • Getting qualified for a mortgage to buy a home
  • Securing a better interest rate on a (car) loan
  • Moving from debt to financial freedom

Website Marketing That Addresses the Pain Points of Your Community

credit repair leads


Keith Knapp at Credit Repair Expo 2019, teaching aspiring credit heroes about using empathy to connect with credit repair customers.

Credit repair specialist Keith Knapp's talk at the Credit Expo gets right to the heart of why people don’t talk about credit repair. Often, it’s because the series of events that lead to bad credit are traumatic. Falling into debt due to joblessness, divorce, or medical bills and having your car or home repossessed are unpleasant experiences, not something people are eager to talk about.

Keith’s business website speaks directly to the pain of people who are going through a rough time and in need of credit repair. The aim of Keith’s website is to connect and build trust with website visitors, helping them to feel ok about a negative experience.

Here are some of the things he makes it “ok” to talk about:

  • Credit repair is an urgent situation that requires swift action
  • To someone who is already in financial trouble, credit repair may seem too expensive
  • People who need credit repair may feel ashamed or unsure where to turn

By addressing clients’ fears and worries head-on, Keith establishes a safe space for people to talk about their credit woes, ask questions, and start learning new and better money habits.

Create A Client-Centric Mission

As with most businesses, great customer service is paramount to running a successful credit repair business. However, a client-centric mission goes way beyond customer service. It involves eradicating the stigma of credit repair, taking power away from the banks and bureaus, and helping as many people as we can to reach their dreams of financial freedom.

Some credit repair business owners do these things as part of a client-centric mission:

  • Provide free community education
  • Send birthday cards or other outreach to clients aside from business correspondence
  • Research and educate themselves to be the best possible credit repair specialists

If you’re just getting started with your credit repair business, get inspired about all the ways you can help people beat their fears of talking about credit and financial problems and change their lives for the better.

Do you want to help people who are hiding their debt to reconnect with their financial life and make it better? Help erase stigma and help people get out of debt forever. Take our free online training to learn exactly how to start your own credit repair business:

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