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How to Leave a Legacy Through Your Credit Repair Business

By: Keenan Jones December 16, 2019

Social studies over the last decade show that people in the workforce want to feel a strong connection to their work and want to fully support their company’s mission. However, according to Gallup Polls, for middle-management or associate level positions, employees don’t feel they can influence their company’s reputation or identity. That can be frustrating for employees who want to be proud of the work they do, but don’t feel aligned with their company’s value system.

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Daniel Rosen explaining how credit heroes change lives at the Credit Repair Expo (Photo/Nichole Bensel)

Working in a job that you don’t feel good about means you will never be passionate about your work, which is precisely why many credit heroes start their own businesses. Employees who are frustrated by a lack of passion turn into entrepreneurs who make a difference in people’s lives.

By starting your own credit repair business, your work will have a direct, lasting and meaningful impact on your:

  • Clients
  • Community
  • Family

Learn how credit heroes have discovered their professional passion and how it’s leaving a legacy in their wake.

Clients Feel the Impact

There is no greater way to see your impact on the world than to see how your good work changes the lives of your clients. Credit heroes improve their client’s credit score, which enables big, important life changes. Clients earn the freedom to make more money and have a better lifestyle because they can:

  • Buy a car to help them get to and from work more easily
  • Become the first person in their family to own a home
  • Give a single parent a secure financial future for their kids

Credit hero Pretty Washington says that she became a credit hero because she wanted to change lives. As a former personal banker, she hated telling customers with poor credit they wouldn’t be approved for a loan. Pretty says, “Do you know what it feels like when you don’t know if anybody can help you? That’s a bad place to be.”

Now, as a credit hero, Pretty helps thousands of people. Getting homeless clients into their own homes, and giving single mothers the opportunity to purchase a home for their family, are just a few of the ways she has improved the lives of her clients.

Community Outreach and Support

If you’re new to the Credit Repair Cloud family, you might not realize that CRC’s founder Daniel Rosen has experienced homelessness in his past. His experiences are what shaped the vision and mission of Credit Repair Cloud, which focuses on helping the community overcome hardship. We’re so committed to the cause that we work with — and donate to — the non-profit organization, Chrysalis, as a way to leave our company legacy on a community that means a lot to us.

“Chrysalis helps people at rock bottom on the streets, to overcome the barriers they face to getting back into the workforce. If they need a suit to wear, a resume, training for a job interview, lunch or to practice interviews, Chrysalis is there to support them and they're making a huge difference," says Daniel.

Our credit heroes also embody this value system and do what they can to leave an impression on their community. For example, after struggling with poor credit in his life, credit repair millionaire Andre Coakley creates his legacy by spreading knowledge. Andre goes to schools and prisons to explain how the credit system works and to help others navigate the pitfalls he once experienced.

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Andre Coakley speaking at the Credit Repair Expo (Photo/ Nichole Bensel)

Family Reaps Rewards

When you do well and are happy about your profession, your family will also feel the difference. When discussing his rise to success, Derrick Harper mentions how owning his own business enables him to treat his family to a lifestyle he always wanted to provide for them.

By having control over his time, and his revenue, Derrick says that he’s rewarded by the small things. For example, he can skip out of the office early to throw the ball with his son or play with his dog. He’s also able to take his family on vacation and not worry about finances or having to schedule PTO with a supervisor.

Ashley Massengill is another great example of spreading goodwill to her family members. Once her credit business was up and running, she became so successful that her husband was able to retire from his job. Now, the two can spend more quality time together and can afford a lifestyle they never had before credit repair.

Now, it’s Your Turn

Starting your own credit repair business, and turning its mission into something you can be proud of, is entirely possible.

To get started:


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