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How Women in the Credit Repair Industry Are Changing the Game

By: Daniel Rosen November 07, 2019


women change credit repair with credit repair software

Since 2007, the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 58%. In 2018 alone, 1,821 new women-owned businesses were launched every day ⁠— with women of color starting 64% of those new businesses.

The rise of entrepreneurial women is inspiring and a great omen of better things to come for everyone. Women “are more effective in improving the welfare of their communities,” in large part because women tend to reinvest 80-90 percent of profits back into their communities. While we celebrate women in all sectors, functions, and industries, we’re especially excited about the way women are shaping the credit repair industry.

Here is a spotlight on just a few ways that women are
changing the credit repair industry.

Women Use Empathy as Fuel

How to start a credit repair business Pretty WashingtonPretty Washington at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo. (Photo/Nichole Bensel)


If you were at Credit Repair Expo 2019, maybe you caught Pretty Washginton’s electrifying talk. Though there were a number of fantastic takeaways from Pretty’s chat, her key message was her love for helping others.

Pretty’s passion is helping others overcome their darkest nights and that is the fuel that motivates her business growth. She says she’s able to work with the same amount of passion client after client by taking the time to get to know the story of each person that walks through her doors.

Pretty emphasizes that, in credit repair, you’re not just dealing with data, you’re dealing with real, and often broken, people.

“Do you know what it feels like when you don’t know if anybody can help you? That’s a bad place to be,” says Pretty.

She’s able to put herself in her clients’ shoes and allow herself to feel their emotions so that she can better serve them. She accomplishes this by asking clients about key areas, such as:

  • Their full financial situation
  • Their personal background and values
  • Their future goals, both with money and how that extra money will impact their life

Her passion pays off. Not only does she help a ton of clients every month, but she’s also earning a healthy living by doing something she loves best.

Women Know How to Hustle

Pretty is also an excellent example of how hard women hustle.

When Pretty first launched her credit repair business, she knew that she needed to find a strategic way to generate leads. So, she used one of her best assets ⁠— her personality ⁠— to go on a radio show and broadcast her new business.

After the show aired, Pretty said she got more leads then she thought she could handle.

Rather than turning away clients, Pretty decided to turn on the hustle. She found a way to work with each lead that came her way.

To perfect her hustle, Pretty took the advice of another credit repair hero Seth Mitchell, who focuses on engineer-like practices to operate his own credit repair business. Pretty sought out the right technology to streamline and automate her process, and found a way to build a scalable and sustainable business.

Women Fight for What They Want

Ashley Massengill uses credit repair software to build business

Millionaire credit repair business owner Ashley Massengill was literally born into a life of bad credit. When she was just five months old, someone took a card out in her name and never paid back their debts.

Decades later, after getting rejected for a mortgage, Ashley became determined to repair her credit. Throughout the process, Ashley celebrated her victories through Facebook. What Ashley may not have known at the time she was that celebrating these victories demonstrated strong leadership qualities.

In the workforce, we’re so often consumed by our day-to-day grind that it can be easy to forget to take a step back and celebrate what you’re working towards, and acknowledge the incremental effort required to create a larger change.

People who aren’t afraid to celebrate victories, no matter how big or small, are often the best leaders because they are naturals at:

  • Creating unity
  • Refreshing their team’s vision
  • Motivating their team to move mountains

Fun Fact: Nowadays, Ashley’s greatest professional joy is when she can help single mothers get into homes through credit repair.

Women Take Risks

Ashley’s vocalization of her credit victories led her into an unexpected industry. Ashley was working at the post office when she decided to turn her own credit score around. As she did she gained the respect of people in her network, she started helping a few friends repair their credit. A month into her business, she needed to go full time to keep up with the demand of her credit repair business, which meant leaving comfortable post office job behind.

The change scared her. She knew very little about business and was afraid to pivot industries, but she kept going because “It was the decision that felt right.”

She bet on herself and was rewarded for her hard work, her reputation, and taking a leap of faith. Within 18 months, Ashley had built a million-dollar business that allowed her husband to retire!

Her decision paid off.

Now Ashley is not only a poster child for credit repair success, but she’s also an author and serial entrepreneur.

Women Are Motivated by Challenges

Evelyne Frazier uses credit repair software to build business

Evelyne Frazier at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo. (Photo/Nichole Bensel)

“[Women] are creative problem-solvers motivated by obstacles. The desire to overcome a challenge fuels us to get things accomplished. Leaders don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” – Jackie Zlatanovski, founder, Flik Flops

Credit hero Evelyne Frazier is a true testament to a problem-solver motivated by obstacles.

Evelyn entered the workforce with a high school diploma and a full-time family. Her education and personal life limited her opportunities for a career, so she fell into a cycle of working for different call centers. Evelyn worked extremely hard for very little money. With her pay just higher than minimum wage, she couldn’t figure out how to make her $2,000 a month paycheck cover all of her expenses.

Evelyn wanted a change, but couldn’t see herself going back to school for 4-6 years to advance her career.

So, she got strategic.

Motivated by a challenge, Evelyn decided to learn a new skill on her own, and she pinpointed personal finance.

Evelyn didn’t have poor credit, actually, she didn’t have any credit at all, so she used herself as the guinea pig. Evelyn boosted her score through the roof and wound up improving her wealth and professional trajectory.

After proving to herself she knew credit repair, she began researching how to start a credit repair business. With the help of Credit Repair Cloud, she now owns a booming credit repair business.

There are many examples of successful women in the credit repair industry. You can listen live to a conversation with the successful “Queens of Credit” during a panel discussion with Credit Repair Cloud CEO Daniel Rosen at this next year’s Credit Repair Expo.

Now that you’ve gotten inspiration from powerful women in the credit repair industry, it’s your turn.

Learn more about the successful women of credit repair, and what life events brought them to their current success. Then, take the steps to start your very own business.

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