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Is Pay-Per-Delete A Good Business Model?

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: February 9, 2017

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Let me rephrase that…
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on how to grow a successful credit repair business

But since this is my blog and I created the software that powers most of the credit repair industry, I have some strong opinions about how to grow a credit repair business. After all,I personally see thousands of credit repair companies succeed or fail. Therefore it’s logical to expect that that I know what is profitable and what isn’t.

The companies who grow large and make millions of dollars all follow the same simple flow:

  • Charge your client an affordable low monthly fee.
  • Be awesome, and give awesome service so your client will continue to pay you (and refer their friends)
  • Each month add new paying clients.
  • If you add more paying clients than you lose, your revenue will grow larger every month.
  • It will start to look like this:

But a pay per delete business looks like this:


Don’t you want revenue like the first chart?

Pay-Per-Delete is not a good business model. It can never grow very far because the math will not support it. You get paid once for doing one thing, so that’s just like most other dead end jobs. You cannot scale yourself or your time, so you can never achieve critical mass. You can definitely limp along and make a little money, but it will be a lot of work with little payoff. This the biggest and most successful credit repair companies NEVER use pay-per-delete as a business model. Yes, we do have a Pay-Per-Delete as a billing option because some folks request it, but we do not recommend it.

If you’re building a credit repair business, follow the leaders in your industry

Visit their sites, look at their pricing. Study them hard. We built our software for their flow. Scaling a credit repair business isn’t possible without a low monthly recurring fee. So if you’re using Credit Repair Cloud and asking us questions about this, we will always point you in the direction of growing your business. After all, our software is designed grow and scale your business and profits (if you follow our steps and flow).

Why am I giving you all this advice?

Because we want you to be successful. If you’re successful then we’re successful. Otherwise you won’t need software. So we are in this together.

Want to learn more about what to charge your clients?

Here’s a page that explains our simple philosophy a bit further: — It’s the same philosophy that you’ll find at the largest credit repair companies in America.

I wish you all the best for your business!

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