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The Credit Repair Specialist of the Future

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: September 8, 2023

credit repair specialist.jpegFinancial advisors from tax specialists to estate planners work with middle class families to ensure a great financial future. Credit repair specialists have been focused on helping families get back on track as quickly as possible. The credit repair specialist of the future will combine these skills to improve credit now and set families up for financial success in the years to come.

Generation Credit’s Dilemma

Credit repair specialists are an important part of a family’s financial picture. This Forbes article lays out the dilemma of young adults who in the 1980s and 1990s fell prey to the credit card industry’s constant flow of “no-strings-attached” offers and landed themselves in a pile of debt.

Thus was born Generation Credit: young people starting families and trying to maintain their lifestyles with an increasing credit problem. Of course, using credit cards is not a bad idea: to maintain a perfect credit score you need years of credit history. However many of today’s families find themselves deep in debt or fighting the credit bureaus without an inkling of how credit repair works.

As a credit repair specialist, you can help these families get their financial lives back on track, starting with their credit.

Evolution of the Credit Repair Specialist

In his article The Evolution of the Financial Advisor, CPA Matt Giles shows how financial advisors transitioned each decade from the 1980s stock broker focused on at least a seven-year stretch and market trends to now: the quality of life specialist.

A credit repair specialist is part of this wave of the future: a hybrid of solid financial advice and fiscal growth tactics that vastly improve a family’s quality of life in a relatively short time.

A better credit score can help a family:

  • Be approved for a mortgage
  • Receive a lower rate on mortgages and other large loans
  • Pay less over the life of a loan
  • Free up financial resources for vacations, funding college education, and unforeseen financial needs

Your job is very important and requires an in-depth understanding of how credit repair works. As a credit repair specialist you:

As credit use becomes more ubiquitous and credit scores critically important with each generation, credit repair specialists of the future adapt to the needs, regulations, and best practices of the credit repair industry.

Who is the Best in Class?

Best in class describes a superior product or service within its category. This assumes that in its sector, a given business has standards and practices that outperform the competition.

While the credit industry is regulated, the credit repair industry is still in many ways an untamed beast. Some credit repair companies focus on sending out dispute letters for each and every negative item on a client’s credit report, even accurate ones, or declaring bankruptcy to wipe out the client’s credit score and start over. These tactics may work in the short term, but the best in class for the credit repair industry are not those who churn out the most clients.

Successful credit repair specialists invest in their clients and their businesses through credit repair business training and intuitive credit repair software that keeps them one step ahead of their competition. Whether helping clients who are struggling to repair credit, those wanting to build credit, or those already in good shape that want to maintain their great score, a well-trained credit repair specialist is their financial solution.

It takes hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the best practices in credit repair to remain best in class now and in the years to come.


Be the credit repair specialist of the future now.

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