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The Key to Success in a Credit Repair Startup? It's Never About the Money

By: Daniel Rosen April 27, 2020

Millionaires Club-1What makes you happy? What makes your family happy? Members of your community?

Instinctively, some people may answer “money,” but I can tell you from my own life -- which has spanned from having no money and living on the streets to having plenty of money -- that money is not the answer. For me, true happiness comes from helping other people.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. There is actually scientific research published every year that explains it. 2019’s World Happiness Report says that helping others “promotes subjective well-being, which encompasses greater positive affect, lower negative affect, and greater life satisfaction.” In short: helping others makes you happy. Making money while you do it is just the cherry on top.

Helping Others After Personal Hardship

Before you take the first step toward starting a home-based credit repair business, have an honest look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re doing it and what motivates you. Is it just money? Or is it the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone? That you made their life easier?

The drive to start your own credit repair business comes from different places for everyone.

Like me, many of our Credit HeroesTM found their motivation from a place of personal hardship. Never wanting members of their community to have to go through what they went through. 

Maybe that’s because when you experience difficult times, your empathy and compassion for others increases. Millionaires Club inductee Serge Bagdasarov has a great story of tapping into his empathy reservoir after hardship. 

Serge group shot reduced-2

In 2008, Serge lost his job after purchasing a brand new home. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, Serge was diagnosed with third-stage brain cancer AT THE SAME TIME. I can’t even imagine the fears and thoughts that plagued Serge’s mind.

First, Serge kicked cancer’s butt. 

Then, he went on to build a credit repair business so he could help others overcome their own hardships. Incredible! 

Passion for Changing Lives 

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Pretty Washington, you already know she’s a ray of sunshine. If you talk to her for just one minute, you will know exactly why she started her home-based credit repair business. Her calling is to change lives, and her passion absolutely oozes out of her.  

Pretty used to work as a mortgage broker and she was sick and tired of telling people “no” all the time. “It doesn’t feel good to crush people’s dreams,” says Pretty.

So, Pretty decided to make a change in her life by starting a credit repair business and focusing solely on changing the lives of others. And, she’s REALLY good at it! 

Take Baby Steps Toward Change 

If you’re thinking about starting a home-based credit repair business, and you have determined that you want to build up your community and truly alter the course of people’s lives, you are ready to jump in.  

When you know, you know. When you are moved to action, take action. Start by starting! You can’t move forward until you try.

Some easy first steps anyone can do when starting a credit repair business are:

Even if you’ve already started your credit repair business, you don’t have to stop learning and moving forward. Keep adding to your industry knowledge by:

The World Happiness Study goes on to explain, “When engaging in generous behavior provides opportunities for positive social interactions and relationships, helping is likely to be especially beneficial for the helper.” Help yourself by helping others.

Sure, the money in credit repair is great, but don’t make that your primary motivation. Changing lives is far more valuable than a bigger bank balance. Are you ready to start making a difference?  Start by taking the Credit Hero Challenge! 



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