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Why Credit Repair Businesses Matter to Everyone

By: Daniel Rosen March 03, 2020

Pretty Washginton

Despite the incredible evidence that credit repair businesses improve people’s lives, there is still a misconception that these companies don’t actually help people in debt or people looking to improve their credit scores. However, credit repair businesses have a long history of transforming the lives of people who have struggled financially and given new opportunities to those who’ve dealt with foreclosure, bankruptcy, or another unforeseeable event.

For example, Pretty Washington, the owner of Pretty Credit Consultants, has helped many people in her community while also making her own life better. Pretty worked as a personal banker at Wells Fargo before starting her credit repair business. She claims, however, that she feels more emotional and financial fulfillment in her new role.

“People are always getting turned down in the banking industry,” Pretty said at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo. “They’re always hearing ‘no’ when they want to get approved for a home. And, it doesn’t feel good to crush people’s dreams.” With credit repair, Pretty gets to help people hear more “yeses” from banks and credit companies.

To better understand how Credit Heroes like Pretty help struggling consumers, let’s look closely at what credit repair businesses do, how they can improve lives, and what it takes to start a business like this.

Learn What Credit Repair Businesses Do

Once you understand how credit repair businesses actually help everyday people, debunking spurious claims about these types of businesses is easy.

Credit repair companies help individuals and business owners get errors removed from their credit reports and teach people what they can do to steadily improve their credit scores legally and professionally. Many credit repair companies rely on credit repair software to help them automate their tasks and do more work swiftly.

Helping people and businesses improve their scores allows them to:

  • Get better interest rates on loans
  • Pay less for insurance
  • Get a better chance of being hired

For those looking to start a business that will dramatically impact lives, the credit repair business opportunity is immense. And by working with clients to improve their credit scores, you will build a community around you that appreciates your hard work.

Credit repair businesses clearly have a role to play with many Americans struggling and tied down by less-than-stellar credit scores.

Credit Repair Businesses Improve Lives in Your Community

The simple truth of the matter is that credit repair businesses have a tremendous impact on average consumers who may have accumulated debts, have mistakes on their credit reports, or have their identities stolen.

Learn about some of the credit heroes who have made the jump to owning their own credit repair businesses in order to help others. For them, starting a credit repair business improved their fortunes while also helping others improve theirs.

Credit heroes help people improve their credit and empowered them in all sorts of ways. Credit Repair Cloud credit heroes have:

  • Given a single mother the financial freedom to move into her first home
  • Helped a father get his business back in order so he could earn more for his family
  • Ensured a young college grad could buy a car to help her get to and from her first job

Let’s learn about some of those in the Millionaires Club who help people every day.

Samuel Naquin 

Sam Naquin

Samuel Naquin has helped community members in Austin, Texas for several years. He was inspired to start a career in credit repair after going through a difficult financial hardship that included filing for bankruptcy after a divorce. After working hard to relieve his own credit issues, he realized he could do the same for others. He started a business that now has more than 1,000 clients a year and more than $1 million in annual revenue.

“There’s a rewarding feeling when you’re actually dealing with a family and the kids don’t have a backyard to play in,” Samuel told us. “They are coming to us [for help] and we can do that.  It makes us feel great.”

Deunka Alston

After working as a medical assistant at Johns Hopkins, Duenka felt she couldn’t get ahead financially. So she left to start a career in credit repair in Baltimore, Maryland. She started by helping family and friends repair their credit scores and quickly started getting referrals from others for her help. Her business now has more than 800 clients and generates more than $1 million a year.

“I loved helping people and love the reactions I got when I helped them,” Duenke told us. “My credit repair business took off from there.”

Credit Heroes like Samuel and Deunka are important pillars in their community and each has a role in helping clients find more success.

Credit Repair Businesses Provide Meaning and Purpose

Nearly 40 percent of Americans today are burned out from their jobs due to factors including lack of career growth, overloaded schedules and lack of emotional fulfillment. For those feeling burned out and unappreciated, starting a credit repair business can give you more flexibility and a deeper sense of purpose.

What many people don’t realize is that once you have established yourself as a valued member in your community, you can then leave a meaningful legacy through your credit repair business.

Once you start a credit repair business, it can give you a chance to make your life better while also enhancing other people’s lives.

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