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4 Ways to Learn Directly From Credit Repair Millionaires

By: Keenan Jones December 23, 2019

Many credit repair specialists fall into the industry almost by accident. Many of our credit heroes tell us how they started their business as a result of:

  • Repairing their own credit and wanting to pursue their passion for helping others do the same
  • Working in a related industry and seeing the way credit bureaus take advantage of those in need
  • Feeling frustrated in their current profession and needing a professional change

Regardless of the back story, most often, credit repair professionals don’t have years of entrepreneurial or industry knowledge before launching.

And that’s totally OK.

Luckily, in credit repair, there are many avenues to further your knowledge and learn the trade without having to go through formal training. Consider these four ways to learn how you can start your very own credit repair business, directly from the professionals who have done it themselves.

credit repair software kings of credit

Kings of Credit panel from the 2019 Credit Repair Expo (Photo/ Nichole Bensel)

1. Credit Repair Certification Class

If you’re a part of the Credit Repair Cloud family, did you know that you can also take advantage of a FREE online credit repair software certification course? This online course, taught by Customer Success Lead, Issac Espino, is a great way to master processes that can become the foundation of your entire credit repair business.

As a bonus, you’ll earn a paper certification to hang in your office and a digital badge that can be used on your website or LinkedIn page, which can help you attract new leads to your credit repair business.


Schedule your free Credit Repair Cloud certification course here.

2. Read Email Newsletters

It’s likely that you already have dozens of emails bombarding your inbox every day. If you’re like most of us, it’s easy to click ‘delete’ without giving a second glance to the content. However, newsletters from credit repair industry experts are a great way to learn how you can improve your business via:

  • Industry updates
  • Best practices
  • Tips and tricks

Make it a point to set aside 10 minutes each month to read through Credit Repair Cloud’s newsletter, which is a roundup of important credit repair industry updates, as well as any updates to our credit repair software.

Included in the newsletter is also a credit repair tip of the month written by Corey Gray, who has more than 20 years in the credit repair industry.

3. Become Involved in a Community

As you go through your entrepreneurial journey, remember you’re not alone! There are thousands of others in the same exact position as you — and they want to help! Learn from others who have been through the growth phase before, and from credit repair experts who have exciting new tips to share.

Credit Repair Cloud’s Facebook community is comprised of credit heroes ranging from the beginning stages of their career to seasoned experts like Jose Rodriguez, Derrick Harper, and Andre Coakley. This private group is available to all Credit Repair Cloud software users and those who sign up for a Credit Repair Cloud online course.

Join the Credit Repair Cloud Community here.

Discussions in the community are an open forum where experts post critical information like:

  • Live videos with advice
  • Guides to improving business processes
  • Sales scripts
  • Marketing advice
  • Best practices for using credit repair software

In addition to valuable resources, the community forum is also a great place to pose questions or comments that others can help you work through.

4. Attend Live Events

When you're still building your income and client base, it may be hard to imagine investing in a live event. But, take it from the experts, who scrounged for the funds to participate, and they will tell you the ROI of participating in such an electric event will far outweigh the initial costs.

Listen to Jose Rodriguez discuss how was vital his first Credit Repair Expo was.

Attending a live event gives participants opportunities for:

  • Education
  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Fun

Panels led by industry experts offer an amazing chance to get meaningful advice about growing your business. For example, Derrick Harper, Andre Coakley, Jose Rodriguez, and Aaron Clarke, each run multi-million dollar companies. At the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, they took an hour to answer audience questions to help participants avoid expensive pitfalls, and provide the opportunity for others to model their roadmap to success.

By attending live events, you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals with a passion for helping others, and the drive to become entrepreneurs.

Secure your spot at the 2020 Credit Repair Expo here.

Remember, starting a credit repair business doesn’t require you to go at it alone. Instead, find a blueprint to success that’s worked for others and make it your own. By taking advantage of free resources, networking with your community and attending live events, you have a front-row seat to learning the ropes of credit repair, and building your very own million-dollar credit repair business!

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