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5 Unique Ways for Notary Publics to Market Financial Services

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: March 29, 2024

financial services business ideas_1-1Promoting all the many facets of your business--from notarizing to bookkeeping--doesn’t have to feel like another ball to juggle. Knowing the right marketing tools and how to use them will help keep your business top-of-mind with your customers and help you to stay focused on the most important tasks of running a successful notary business.

In the past, there used to be marketing teams and technology teams. Today, marketing teams are technology teams. They have access to information on customer behavior and preferences, as well as dozens of new avenues to connect with potential clients. Just like eNotarization is now standard practice, its time to embrace the benefits of technology across your business.

Harness the power of a new digital marketing strategy by using any of these five methods of marketing financial services and your business will have the potential for real growth as it generates more income.

1. Social Media Check-ins

Take a two-prong approach to social media:

  • Build a clear brand
  • Attract more clients

Your online identity should be a perfect representation of who you are and what you do: your personal brand. Each component of your marketing toolkit, like your logos, website, blog design, and social pages, should all look and feel cohesive. A business with an easily recognizable image (Apple is a great example) will have an easier time attracting clients. No matter your budget, you should be able to find someone locally or online to help you with this.

Use Facebook and Instagram business pages and Nextdoor to promote your company and engage with followers. On Facebook, you want people to check in when they’re at your business, if you operate a storefront; or share their positive experience in a status update if you travel to them. Each time someone does that, their friends will see your business. That’s free advertising for you! Offer an incentive, like one free notarized document after 2 Facebook check-ins, to start building your social following.

2. Service Targeted Pages

Web analytics is underutilized by 39% of companies active on social media. Web analytics tools provide companies of any size with key information for marketing like:

  • When websites are visited
  • How many visitors are present
  • What pages or keywords draw people in
  • What pages your visitors exit from
  • How much time is spent on the site


One of the most popular free tools for web analytics is Google Analytics. Get started by setting up a free account as soon as possible and gain insight into the following core principles of an online business:

  • Traffic and conversion
  • Social media performance
  • User behavior
  • Key performance indicators

Wouldn’t you like to know if anyone is clicking on the links to that talk about all of the financial services you offer? Is your Notary Services tab the most clicked?

Web analytics will let you see if your current webpage is reaching customers and gives you live feedback after you make changes.

3. Personalize Content

Creating newsletters, custom landing pages, social media posts, and blogs are already standard practice for many small businesses. Shaping them to fit your audience is the next step.

Write blog posts about topics your clients will find useful and interesting.

Pro tips:

  • Write in the first person
  • Pepper in personal stories as examples
  • Keep it personable and personal

This will help remind clients that you are more than just a notary and you have a depth of knowledge related to all the services you offer.

Content marketing is all about awareness and education. Creating valuable content is the best free marketing available. Using 20 total hours of your time to write a series of blog posts over a month can generate dozens of new hits from a search engine and lead clients directly to you.


Don’t know where to start with content? Just ask your current clients what they wish they knew before working with you or what you could produce that would be helpful for them.

4. Free Tools to Keep Visitors Online

financial services marketing

A business’ website is the foundation for marketing content as well as the number one place where people decide to do business with a company. Keeping traffic coming to your site and staying there is key. Search engine optimization is the process of providing the right words, links, and organization on your webpage so when a person is hunting for local financial and notary services, your webpage shows up first.

There are dozens of tools available for SEO. Google Analytics is one of the best free options. If you are ready to dive in and put money down, consider:

5. Diversify Services and Income

Your background in handling detailed work and finances makes you a great candidate for offering services like credit repair as a digital marketing tool for your notary business.

Working to repair your current clients’ credit can improve their financial well being in remarkable ways and make you a trusted resource all year long.

When your business has a strong online presence, people looking for help with poor credit scores, paying down debt, notary services, and more will get in touch and hire you for a number of your services. Helping people in more ways will boost your credibility, bring new clients to your door, and provide you with an additional income stream.


Learn how you can expand your financial services offerings and generate more revenue.


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