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8 Credit Repair Books to Help Kickstart Your New Career

By: Daniel Rosen June 01, 2020

Whether you’re just getting started with a credit repair business or you’ve been at it for a while, questions about technique and process will ALWAYS pop up.

And, that’s a good thing!

Questioning the process means you’re curious, and always trying to better yourself and your entrepreneurial endeavors. Actually, that forever student mentality is a key ingredient to successful business ownership! 

I first started learning about credit repair in 2002, before the days when you could find literally anything with a quick Google search. So, I worked with what I had...books! Yeah, from like an actual library and bookstore. And I read, and read, and read until my eyes crossed. 

I soaked up every piece of information that came at me like a sponge. I found ways to take the ideas I learned and make something uniquely mine from them. 

In the more than 20 years that I’ve been at it, I still look to credit repair books and resources for tips and techniques that shape my business. And I recommend that you do the same! 

We are in this wonderful era of information abundance, so, use it to your advantage! Challenge yourself to read a new business book or resource every month for the next 6 months, and see how it transforms your entrepreneurial journey.

Let me help you get started! Here are some credit repair books that include awesome takeaways about our industry, and insights about the Credit Heroes that help us grow the community the right way! 

1.  The Ultimate Guide to Starting A Credit Repair Business: Launch your own profitable recurring-revenue business with just a computer and a phone by Daniel Rosen


One of the most monumental takeaways I’ve had from my many years of research on credit repair is that it can provide you an awesome source of recurring revenue!  And, the best part is you don’t need a ton of tools or money to get started.

Actually, to launch your own home-based business, you just need a computer and a phone. 

From the basics of credit repair to advanced tactics that can help you continue growing your business over the long haul, my credit repair book is designed to help entrepreneurs at any stage of their credit repair journey.

 2. An Attempt to Repair America's Broken Credit System by Andre Coakley

AC book


The world of lending and credit isn’t equal opportunity. There is a ton of data to show that banks and bureaus work against the masses, especially those experiencing poverty, to keep us in debt. 

In his book, Millionaires Club inductee, Andre Coakley addresses the broken credit system head on, and gives an honest look at credit reports, credit scores, and the credit bureaus.

If you want a deep dive into the inner workings of America’s credit system, and find ways to fight against the broken credit repair system as a Credit Hero, you should check out this credit repair book!

3. Beautiful Credit: Insider Secrets to Establishing a Perfect Credit Score by Derricka Harwell

DH book


Derricka Harwell, a Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club inductee, built her credit repair empire after living through her greatest nightmare: experiencing homelessness while raising two small children.

Derricka has the ability to bring hope to ANYONE, and her book proves it! Learn what it takes to deal with credit bureaus head on, and break through the challenges of the existing credit system.

4. How to Fix Your Credit by Dominique Brown

DB book


Dominique Brown, who also happens to be one of our most recent Millionaires Club inductees, wrote a book back in 2014 to help people understand credit problems exists in all walks of life!

Book reviewers for Dominique’s book praise how many helpful tips and education about the credit repair industry are packed into this book.

Dominique’s book is great for anyone trying to repair their own credit, or just trying to understand the basics of the industry to catapult their own credit repair business

5. Understanding Credit Repair and the World Around It by Bruce Politano

BP book

Bruce Politano is one of the biggest advocates in the credit repair industry for students. He focuses on credit repair specific to student loans. (He’s also been a long time Credit Repair Cloud software user!) 

Bruce’s book takes a broader look into the credit repair industry, even outside of student loan debt, and acts as an introduction into the industry. 

According to one Amazon reviewer, “This is an excellent book if you’re seeking to understand how the world of credit works. Very clarifying and fun to read. No big words or complicated terms. I read it really fast !!!”

6. Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey


Good credit begins with good financial habits. Dave has been a financial mentor for a really long time, and it’s because his advice works for a lot of people! 

In this particular book, Dave talks about creating a plan to get out of debt, and creating healthy money habits. 

This information in this book will help you  become a better Credit Hero: Don’t just help your clients climb out of debt, teach them how to stay financially fit for years to come!

7. Repair Your Credit Like the Pros: How credit attorneys and certified consultants legally delete bad credit and restore your good name by Carolyn Warren

CW book

Did you know that 78% of credit reports have errors on them? In Carolyn Warren’s credit repair book, she dives into what it’s like to be a victim of erroneous credit reporting. 

Carolyn also explains what it means to be a credit attorney or certified consultant. 

If you want to explore the different areas of credit repair, this is a great book for you!

8. The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide to Having Luxurious Credit by Arnita Johnson


Arnita Johnson has faced her own bout with spiraling debt. At her most devastating point, Arnita had a FICO score of 303 (the lowest score you can get is 300.)

Now, Arnita gives back to the community by sharing the same credit tips and techniques that repaired her score.

This book is great for credit repair beginners looking to understand the industry whether it’s for yourself, or to kickstart a business.

Are you looking for faster reads or free resources? Look no further. Credit Repair Cloud has a massive library of resources that any aspiring Credit Hero can take advantage of:

If you want to tackle the process head-on, join our upcoming Credit Hero Challenge and apply your knowledge in real-time!


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