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What Real Estate Business Ideas Won't Make You Successful (And What Will)

By: Daniel Rosen January 31, 2019

online real estate business ideas

Every real estate business, no matter if it’s big or small, decades-old or brand new, needs a consistent pipeline of leads to stay in business and grow. The real estate market will swing in every direction but there is no need to worry if you’ve taken the time to implement lead generation strategies.

To develop an action plan for an online real estate business idea focused on lead generation that really works, use these 4 B's of Business Success for real estate agents as your guide.

1. Be Action-Forward

Take action online and offline to connect with the correct audience. Head to open houses around town to find the bounty of prospective buyers who show up without an agent.

Remember to:

  • Introduce yourself and your business
  • Offer a helping hand
  • Hand out your contact information
  • Suggest similar properties of interest

Use LinkedIn and Facebook to expand your real estate business reach ever farther. Keep your image and message cohesive. LinkedIn is a great tool to quickly build your existing network. Login and upload your client email list in an .xml, .txt or .csv file and your connections to other professionals, agents, and contacts will grow organically.

By proactively reaching out to clients, you’ll have more success than those who passively wait for clients to come to them.

2. Be Aggressive

Build up your individual presence with your own webpage and corresponding marketing materials. A web page that gives clients information about your background, accolades, contact information, shares success stories, and features a blog showcasing your market insights the online real estate business idea you are looking for.

Websites should be actively updated to encourage prospects to engage with you. A strong site features:

  • Engaging blog content answering common client questions
  • Photos and videos of relevant active listings
  • Newsletter sign up to capture new leads
  • Links to your social media pages
  • Calendar of open houses and events
  • A way to contact you electronically

Don’t reinvent the wheel, just express what makes your real estate business idea unique. Successful real estate businesses can articulate who they are and what valuable services they provide for clients.

3. Be a Friend

Friendships are trusted relationships where both sides express their appreciation. Have you ever missed an event with a friend, and they called to check in on you? Did that make you feel noticed?

Treat your clients with the same friendly courtesy and follow up.

  • Send personal postcards detailing properties prospective buyers may like
  • Write emails to check in and inviting clients to join you at open houses
  • Contact clients who no longer seem interested in buying to remind them that you are ready to help whenever they change their minds

Building a trusted relationship with clients keeps your business top of mind and makes them more likely to refer you their friends and family.

4. Be an Advocate

realtor marketing

Beyond acting as a friend, a great real estate business constantly keeps their prospects’ best interest in mind. Offering a credit repair service contributes to the fundamental well being of clients and contributes to the ease of their home buying experience.

Client’s credit problems often surface when they begin buying a home. Especially in today’s competitive housing market, applicants need to have impeccable finances. Offering credit repair services before a client buys a home can be perfect timing before they seek out other agents. Most credit reports contain errors and by removing them for your client, you can raise the score significantly and quickly.

Credit repair will not only make your current network more satisfied as they become able to reach new financial goals but offering these services will expand your referrals bringing in lead numbers you never dreamed of reaching. The goal of owning a dream home, and at times any home at all, can feel far out of reach for the millions of Americans with bad credit. You can help change that.

With credit repair training onto your resume, you can offer an add-on service that advocates for client’s financial well being, attract new leads who are in search of credit repair, and continue to run a prosperous real estate business.

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