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Offer Credit Repair Services to Keep Revenue Flowing into Your Tax Business Year-Round

By: Daniel Rosen March 10, 2020


Tax preparers, you know what time of the year it is! When business is booming during tax season, things are good. You're making money, staying busy (and hopefully staying sane.) But what happens after April 15th, when your clients start to go back to their non-tax season life?

I want to show you exactly what you can do to get away from the feast or famine lifestyle tax preparers often fall victim to. 

Are you ready to learn a tried and true income-boosting method for tax preparers and any business owners who work in a seasonal industry? It's a simple tip, but one a lot of people ignore.

I’ve been in the credit repair business for over 20 years. I built a multi-million-dollar business from literally nothing, and now most of the industry runs on my credit repair software. My advice after more than two decades of running my own business is this: produce recurring monthly income.

Believe me, when I say - you can make money while you sleep with this method! You just have to be driven to succeed and laser-focused on your goals to make it work. 

Get Honest About Your Income

I’m going to tell you how a credit repair business can become a powerful and consistent source of recurring revenue for tax preparers.  

Before I go any further, though, it’s time to get real with yourself. 

Is your tax preparer income enough, or do you have trouble comfortably making it last the entire year? If you take side gigs in payroll or AP for other companies, it’s probably because your tax preparer income isn’t cutting it.

Why keep struggling or settle for income that’s “just ok”?. Have you considered that while tacking on another product to your tax preparation wheelhouse, you are adding to your growth potential? You're taking even more control over the money that flows into your pockets.

Offer Credit Repair Services to Diversify and Expand Your Business

When training for a marathon, you learn quickly that you can't use up all of your energy in one stretch. You need to conserve so you are producing the entire race. 

I learned this while I was creating the Credit Repair Cloud software, and the same is true as a tax preparer. 

Don't let those long hours and increased business from January to April be your only productive stretch in the annual race.

By offering an additional financial service to your tax preparation clients, you create an added revenue stream. And what’s even better, your new credit repair business is a source of recurring monthly income. 

As I mentioned before, recurring monthly income is the key to building your business success. It’s the exact method I used to build my multi-million-dollar credit repair business, literally from scratch. 

 By adding credit repair services you can help your existing clients improve their financial profiles, all without having to drum up new clients to build your income.

Think of your credit repair business as an extra stream of revenue from your existing clients.

Running a Credit Repair Business is Easy

CRC2You might be thinking, “Offsetting the slow season sounds great, but I don’t know anything about this credit repair thing!” 

Don’t worry, running a credit repair business is easy with my help and the help of credit repair software. Credit Repair Cloud:

  • Provides business software integrations that automate many pieces of the credit repair process, like sending dispute letters and doing credit audits
  • Offers free training and a growing online resource library to help you learn everything you need to become a credit expert
  • Includes easy templates for creating marketing materials like websites and flyers

My credit repair software not only helps you get credit repair clients into your business but helps you manage your business more effectively. This gives you more time to focus on growth, building relationships and helping people. 

Provide Financial Relief and Boost Customer Lifetime Value

I got involved in credit repair after a bank error devastated my credit overnight. It was only after I successfully repaired my own credit that I realized I could help others too! 

Almost every person in the United States can use financial services like credit repair - and your clients are no exception.

Good credit impacts your ability to get fair interest rates, and in some cases, not having good credit could prevent you from:

  • Getting approved for a home loan
  • Securing auto financing
  • Getting approved for an apartment 

By helping your existing clients straighten out their finances, they can become more financially stable, obtain more assets, and in turn will need more tax advice as they strengthen their profile. 

Over the last two decades, I’ve learned that if you've been a trusted advisor to your clients in the past - you'll likely remain top of mind when they need additional financial advice.

Increasing your overall value of clients and is a great way to increase your tax preparer income. And in the process, you will produce recurring monthly income for yourself while working hard to remove the negative items from your clients' credit reports.

If you’re ready to build alternative income through a credit repair business, reserve your spot today for our free online training.

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