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Survive the Ups and Downs of Tax Preparation By Learning Tax Code Changes

By: Daniel Rosen April 13, 2020

crc2-1If you’re a tax preparer or a CPA then you know--the accounting industry is always changing. Whether it’s an incoming president passing a big tax reform bill or a new business regulation, you have to learn the new laws and adjust your business as you go. 

Changes in the tax codes affect the size of your clients' tax returns, the services you can offer and can make or break your profits. 

I know all about the ups and downs of working in a regulated industry. We’re constantly updating our credit repair software to adjust to and comply with changes that pop up in credit repair. And I’ve accepted it all as part of running a business that changes people’s lives! 

In the last year, there have been some big changes in tax code that could affect your tax business. Through my experience over almost two decades in the credit repair business, I’ve learned it pays to stay up to date.

So, here are some of the most important recent changes in tax code that could affect your tax preparer salary:

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: It’s Complicated

This 2017 reform came with a lot of big changes! When the POTUS signed it into law, he said it would make individual tax returns much simpler. So simple, we could all be doing them ourselves on a postcard

That certainly wouldn’t be good for your tax preparer income, would it?

Well, luckily for CPAs and tax preparers, it’s not quite that simple. The corporate rate went down, IRA contributions limits went up, and sole proprietors can now claim a 20% deduction. 

And, that’s just the beginning. 

All these changes mean your clients will have questions and will need to pick your brain. Both individuals and corporations will need advice on new tax laws. So here is the opportunity for you: You can build trust with your clients and charge more for your expert advice. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that trust and customer relationships are a major part of building your business. 

Free Software From the IRS: Your Biggest Competition?

I’m going to tell you about another thing that people have been talking about in the tax industry: IRS’s new Free File Software. 

Just like it sounds, Free File lets people prepare and file their own individual federal income tax return--for free--using the IRS’ tax preparation and filing software. 

Many people in your industry worried that this software would be the end of days for tax preparers. As more individuals try to do their taxes themselves, they’ll no longer employ the help of professionals to do their taxes. 

Something tells me this won’t happen. Still, it’s not a nice feeling to have to worry about your career every time a new law is passed. 

How You Can Protect Yourself From the Changes!

I’m going to teach you how to keep revenue flowing, regardless of what the tax code is doing. 

With my proven business model, you can put yourself in a position where you don’t have to worry about the ups and downs of the industry. Instead, you can arm yourself with something incredibly powerful. Recurring revenue! 

Give your tax preparer income a huge boost by adding credit repair as an additional financial service in your business. 

Set Your Tax Preparer Business Apart By Adding Credit Repair Services

By offering credit repair services, you can create a steady stream of recurring monthly income that keeps your business sailing high, no matter what the IRS or the federal government is doing. 

This added revenue stream means you can achieve higher financial goals--even without a lot of extra financial investment. Our credit repair software is very affordable and you can even try it free for 30 days

crc teamIn fact, Credit Repair Cloud software has everything you need to make it easy to add this service to your tax preparer business. During your 30-day trial (and beyond) you will access:

  • Time-saving features like the 1-click credit audit report
  • Dispute letter templates and marketing materials
  • Automated recurring billing

The Credit Repair Cloud website also has a ton of great online resources and we also offer free online training

I believe in credit repair because I know it works for people. I know it changes their lives for the better, and I know that you can make steady recurring income from a credit repair business. 

The reason I know this is because we live and breathe this software. So far, we’ve also helped 27 people become millionaires by using our credit repair software to run their business.

By adding credit repair services to your existing tax preparation business, you offer even more value to your customers. You become a trusted ally and their go-to person for financial advice.  

When you stay up-to-date with trends, provide great customer service, and create a client-centric mission, you offer much more than a free tax preparation software ever could.  

If you’re ready to find out how to boost your tax preparer salary by starting credit repair business, join our free online training

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