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All 3 of These Credit Repair Million-Dollar Earners Use the Same Credit Repair Business Software

By: Daniel Rosen April 02, 2020


Do you want to know the secret to credit repair business success? I’m talking, million-dollar-business level success...

The secret to building a business from nothing and becoming highly profitable is this — learn by modeling what successful people are doing. Even if you’re starting a business completely from scratch (like I did), you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I know from experience that building a business from the ground up is hard. For me, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. When I started out building my credit repair business software, I worked day and night. I did everything alone, and I wasn’t taking care of myself. 

I sacrificed my health — and my sanity — to get Credit Repair Cloud off the ground. It wasn’t easy, but it paid off. Now I have a multi-million-dollar business, and most of the industry runs on our credit repair software.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that hard. You can quickly grow and scale your business beyond your wildest dreams just by looking at what others have done.

What These Credit Repair Million-Dollar Earners Have in Common

I’ve helped thousands of people to launch, run, and grow highly profitable credit repair businesses.

In fact, if you were to walk into our Credit Repair Cloud headquarters, you would see our “wall of millionaires.” On this wall are 27 people who have all become millionaires — just in the last year and a half!

Each of them has used our Credit Repair Cloud software to help build their business from nothing, all the way up to a million dollars in revenue or more

And you can do it too — just by working hard and modeling your business after these wildly successful million-dollar earners. 

For each of these millionaires, using our credit repair business software helped them gain quick wins in their business by making things faster and more efficient. 

It’s how they were able to build their business from nothing and help the most people. 

Take on More Clients, Help More People and Grow Your Business Faster

Deunka Allston has an amazing story and I love sharing it with people. Her story is not just about quickly building a million-dollar business — it’s about helping people and changing lives!

Before starting her credit repair business, Deunka worked as a medical assistant. It was a steady job, but she was unfulfilled and wasn’t making the kind of living she really wanted.

What happened next was amazing. Deunka started out in credit repair by helping family and friends, which led her to starting her own credit repair business. Deunka learned that she loved helping people through credit repair, which motivated her to keep growing her business.

For Deunka, having the right technology was the secret to building a highly profitable business and helping the most people in her community. 

Deunka says that using the best credit repair business software allowed her to take on way more clients while still getting the same great results for them. Our awesome simple one-click import and audit feature lets you generate a credit audit with one click, so you can help more clients in less time and grow your business exponentially.

Through her desire to help others, combined with the right tools, Deunka’s business skyrocketed to become the million-dollar operation that it is today.

Use Credit Repair Software to Cut Costs and Save Time

Seth Mitchell is another amazing credit hero who is helping people and truly changing lives through his credit repair business. 

Seth Mitchell-1

Seth built his million-dollar business against all odds — he came from a rough home life where his mom was working three jobs just to make ends meet. He grew up around drug dealers, and his father was even sent to prison.  

All this meant that Seth didn’t have a lot of money to invest in starting a business — so he bootstrapped it from nothing. 

Thanks to his hard work, his drive to succeed, and the help of tools like our credit repair software, Seth was able to scale his business into a million-dollar empire.

Credit Repair Cloud’s templates allowed Seth to completely digitize the process of disputing items on his clients’ credit reports. This secret step not only brought the cost of the dispute process way down, but it also saved a ton of time. 

Thanks to our credit repair business software, Seth no longer needed to spend time licking and stuffing envelopes, or paying someone to do it. He could spend more time building an affiliate network to bring in more customers — and that helped him grow his business to over a million dollars in revenue.

Improve Workflow With Credit Repair Software  

Yet another credit repair millionaire who uses our software to power his business and change lives is Abraham Matayas. Abraham says that in addition to building a niche, staying organized was really important for him as he was growing his credit repair business. 

Abraham uses our credit repair software to help improve his workflow — particularly in the area or customer service. 

With the help of our software, he created an easy and consistent process to send dispute letters. This process allowed him to get better results for his clients, helping them to raise their credit scores and become happy clients who would tell friends about their great results. 

He used our resource library and credit repair classes to stay up to date on the credit industry. And, he utilized our affiliate portal to easily manage his growing network of referring businesses. 

Tracking affiliates through the Credit Repair Cloud dashboard made it easier for Abraham to scale his business to a million dollars and help more people improve their credit and their lives.

I’m telling you these stories because they are filled with easy takeaways that you can use immediately to help grow your own credit repair business. 

With a bit of hard work, the right tools, and the lessons we can learn from successful entrepreneurs like Deunka Allston, Seth Mitchell, and Abraham Matayas, it’s easy for you to build your own hugely successful credit repair business and start changing lives! 

Are you feeling inspired by the success stories of these incredible entrepreneurs? 

If you’re ready to start your own credit repair business and start helping people, start your free 30-day trial today! 



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