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Do I Need to Be a Certified Credit Consultant to Start My Business?

By: Keenan Jones December 03, 2019

To become a certified credit consultant or not? That is the question many entrepreneurs ask before launching their first credit repair business. Here's the deal. There are benefits to receiving a credit repair certification. However, no one needs to be certified to own a credit repair business and operate a credit repair business.

Let’s explore both paths: The benefits for credit repair specialists that participate in a certification course, and other techniques for starting a credit repair business, without a certification.

Benefits of a Credit Consultant Certification


Credit repair software business owners

Credit Repair Cloud's Vice President, Keenan Jones, and CEO and Founder, Daniel Rosen excited to train business owners at this last year's Credit Repair Expo. (Photo/Nichole Bensel)

One of the most notable benefits of a credit repair certification course is the information you’ll learn about the industry. This is especially important for those who don’t know much about credit repair but are hungry to ramp up their business quickly.

With a credit repair certification course, you’ll learn the basic principles and practices of credit repair like:

A credit repair certification course can also help you understand less technical components of the industry like how to teach credit repair to others, and how to broadcast your services to others so they can achieve financial freedom.

If you do decide to get a certification, consider earning your credit repair training from a reputable source, like The American Credit Repair Academy.

Other Necessities for Building a Credit Repair Business

Even with the benefits of certification mentioned above, don’t pigeonhole yourself into thinking that a credit repair certification is the only way to learn and build the business.

There are other ways to obtain knowledge of the industry, and several key factors that contribute to building a credit repair business with a strong foundation, which have nothing to do with credit repair certification. For example, having:

  1. Passion to Help
  2. Mentors for Support
  3. Referral Networking
  4. Credit Repair Software
  5. Live Events and Free Resources

Your passion for helping others, and taking power away from the credit bureaus should be your true North Star as you navigate your business. Profits will follow.

Pretty Washington, a seasoned credit repair specialist, says that her ticket to success is her passion, "Yes, the money in credit repair is good, but that should not be your primary motivator. By helping others, the intrinsic rewards you reap are far greater than any monetary gains you collect.”

Even with a solid credit repair business plan, questions about how to grow and scale your new business will arise throughout your journey. Luckily, you don’t have to go at it alone.

Many credit repair specialists have paved the path for you, and are accessible to discuss their methods and techniques. By finding mentors in the credit repair industry, you can replicate other success stories, rather than reinventing the wheel, and conduct business backed by knowledge and support.

credit repair business software Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez accepting his Millionaires Club award at the last Credit Repair Expo. (Photo/Nichole Bensel)

Ask any successful credit repair specialist, referrals are their bread and butter.

The less effort you exert toward lead generation, the more time and money you’ll save. When you think of referrals, you might think of word-of-mouth, which is powerful, but it only works if you have an established client list. If you’re a new business, you won’t have that luxury. But, you still have options.

Credit hero and Millionaire’s Club member, Jose Rodriguez, recommends creating your own network of referrals by partnering with businesses in your community that can benefit from your service:

Each of these professions can benefit from clients with better credit scores. By seeking partnerships with experts in each industry, Jose can receive referral business and grow his client list.

Credit repair certification courses will teach you the technical details of dispute letters, and tips for analyzing consumer credit reports, but, they won’t equip you to handle the influx of customer requests that many credit repair businesses deal with.

That’s where credit repair software comes in. By introducing automation into your workflow, you’ll free yourself from momentous, repeatable business needs like:

  • Performing client credit report audits in seconds
  • Analyzing credit reports to find items for dispute
  • Tracking client information
  • Creating and submitting dispute letters
  • Setting reminders
  • Scheduling follow-ups

By decreasing the number of tedious tasks from your day, you’ll have more time to focus on broader initiatives like business development techniques, continued education, and growing your affiliate network.

By attending live events throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, you can:

  • Stay on top of industry news
  • Learn updated dispute tactics
  • Gain perspective from the most dominant players in the industry
  • Connect with like-minded individuals

Learning the industry at events like the Credit Repair Expo means gaining insight from the best seat in the house.

There are also free online training resources from Credit Repair Cloud that detail exactly how you can start your own credit repair business.

Most importantly, to start a credit repair business you must do just that — start. Whether that means starting with a credit repair certification, or jumping in and learning the basics through other outlets, you have access to what you need to get your business going, right now.

Are you ready to get started? There’s no excuse, watch this online training today.

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